Response to room n of domestic version

3月 29, 2020 佛山桑拿

“Domestic version of room n” and other harmful information dissemination has been received, thank you for reporting, has launched! The verification work is being organized and the specific clues have been checked with the reporters of the Beijing News. We will coordinate relevant law enforcement departments to follow the line and expand the line, crack down on those lawbreakers who produce, sell and disseminate pornographic information, especially those involving children’s pornographic information, and hold them accountable for their legal responsibilities. We will punish them severely and never tolerate them!
According to the previous Beijing News “survey of child pornography websites: more than 8 million registered members, servers hidden abroad”, on the afternoon of March 26, a micro blog big V with semi dimensional popular writer and famous TV series blogger certification information attracted attention after reporting multiple child pornography websites. According to the blogger, he has received many private letters from fans, saying that many pornographic websites, such as sprout forum,, youleyuan, Ziyuan mansion, Luoli Tianguo, have long distributed child pornography. Therefore, he decided to call on netizens to report together. In the early morning of March 27, the reporter of Beijing News opened the website complained by the blogger. The front page is full of pictures of minors’ naked bodies. Under each picture, there are words that attract users to click, such as “four-year-old girl”, “big eyes beautiful Lori” and “junior high school students”. Click these pictures and text will prompt you to fill in the user name, password, email to register and recharge to become a member before you can watch and download.