Luo Yonghao full moon live broadcast overturns

5月 2, 2020 佛山桑拿

In this regard, some fans who are full of expectation and understand chedi expressed disappointment and even questioned the black curtain.
After apologizing in the live broadcast room, Luo Yonghao just made another statement on Weibo, “the reason for the technical failure of the half price car on the shelf is under investigation, and an official statement and satisfactory remedial measures will be issued later, please don’t worry.”
Lao Luo stressed that “neither we nor the car emperor can have any so-called inside story for the sake of hundreds of thousands.”. Please be patient and wait for the official investigation results from our technicians. thank! Sorry! “
Netizens recalled that when Lao Luo launched the second live broadcast, they also launched the hav i7 half price car jointly with the Great Wall. The result was embarrassing. The 12 cars were only sold on 4 vehicles. Later, the Great Wall explained that the time spent in the live broadcast of Tmall and the tiktok system was wrong, resulting in 8 of the users who were paying the original price, so they did not pay.