Over 3.57 million cases in the world

5月 5, 2020 佛山桑拿

According to the real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 5:32 on May 5, Beijing time, a total of more than 250000 new crown deaths have been reported worldwide, reaching 250687, and the total number of new crown confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 3.57 million. In addition, the cumulative number of confirmed new crown cases in the United States is over 1.17 million, and the number of deaths is close to 70000, reaching 68442.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the US, with more than 1 million 170 thousand deaths and 68387 deaths.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States was 1176905 cases and 68387 cases died at 16:32 on 4 July, according to Johns Hopkins University.

[totally 211938 new confirmed cases in Italy]

As of May 4, 211938 cases had been confirmed in Italy, an increase of 1221 from yesterday, according to the website of the Italian civil protection department. There were 195 new deaths and 29079 deaths in total. The total number of cases recovered and discharged reached 82879, 1225 more than yesterday. There were 1479 severe cases, 22 fewer than yesterday. Details > >
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Britain has been diagnosed in 3985 cases, and 190 thousand cases have been diagnosed.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed a forenoon of 3985 cases in May 4th and a total of 190584 cases, according to the Ministry of health and social security, at 9 a.m. local time. As of 5:00 p.m. local time on May 3, 288 new cases were found in a single day, with 28734 deaths in total. The data includes the number of deaths from out of hospital infections. Details > >
[France’s new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 576 cases, 131 thousand cases].
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in France increased to 131863 at 4 hours, and 576 cases increased in 24 hours as of 14 hours local time, the French Minister of Health said in the Senate. The number of hospital deaths increased to 15826, and that of nursing homes to 9375. The total number of deaths reached 25201, 306 new. Details > >

[after 55 days of “enfeoffment”, Italy began to gradually lift the enfeoffment]

On May 4 local time, Italy began to gradually “unseal” and ended the 55 day long state of “city closure”. Factories, construction and wholesale industries are back to work. Restaurants will be reopened to provide out of pocket services. People can go out to visit their relatives with masks on. Details > >
176 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Japan, and 15253 cases were confirmed.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Japan by 4 local people’s self-government organizations and the Ministry of health and labour ministry, according to the Japan Broadcasting Association. According to the data from local self-governing bodies and the Ministry of health and labour, eight new infections were detected in Japan alone from 176 to eight.

[who director general: the global pledging conference has raised about 7.4 billion euros]

The novel coronavirus pneumonia global response conference novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was held on 4 may, was raised by 7 billion 400 million euros on 4 May. It will be used to accelerate R & D and distribute the new crown pneumonia vaccine, diagnostic tools and treatment methods.