Godfather’s black boss is removed

5月 7, 2020 佛山桑拿

Recently, Li Qilin, the procurator general of Inner Mongolia Procuratorate, once again guided the leaders of the “6.28” organized case to participate in the underworld organized case through the network conference system.
What kind of major case is it? It is under the guidance of the procurator of the autonomous region?
The leader of the “6.28” organization to participate in the case of gangdom is Yi Lianfeng, the “Godfather” of gangdom in Tongliao City. There are 68 suspects in the criminal group, who are suspected of organizing to stay for prostitution, opening casinos, usurious loans, violent debt collection and other 16 charges. A total of 460 million yuan of assets are seized, seized and frozen.
Prostitution in hotels and casinos in tourist areas
Yi Lianfeng was once the chairman of Tongliao new century hotel. Born in December 1962, he graduated from INNER MONGOLIA NORMAL UNIVERSITY FOR NATIONALITIES (now Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities) with a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, he taught in Zhelimu League business school. After abandoning education and starting business, Yifeng group was established, including Yifeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., New Century Hotel (four-star), Daqinggou Horqin Mongol camp, new century commercial building, Tongliao Lantian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
Under the cover of commercial projects, Yi Lianfeng started the business of underworld. After investigation by the public security organ: the Underworld Criminal Organization led by Yi Lianfeng has been opening casinos and organizing prostitution on the basis of the new century hotel for a long time since 2002; opening casinos in Horqin Mongolian camp of Daqinggou tourist area; calling Wang hegemony in and around Daqinggou tourist area, scolding, intimidating and threatening the staff of Daqinggou scenic area, and letting tourists into the scenic area without permission, To seek illegal interests; to monopolize the catering industry in Daqinggou, to harass the same industry and beat up the service personnel; to monopolize the sandstone industry under the cover of the legally registered Yifeng real estate company and Yifeng mining company, to illegally transfer the land and seek huge illegal interests by means of false litigation; to collude with and coordinate other black organizations to exchange illegal interests for commercial support Black, protect business with black; long-term close to, draw up and corrode state workers, intervene in public security and judicial organs to handle cases.
Transferred by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Supervision Commission and designated by the Public Security Department of the autonomous region, Wuhai Public Security Bureau will investigate and handle the “6.28” Yi Lianfeng organization, leadership and participation in the case of underworld organization.
In October 2019, the anti crime Office of Wuhai Public Security Bureau issued the announcement on soliciting clues of illegal and criminal organizations of Yi Lianfeng and others. The announcement said that in the near future, according to the decision of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Department to designate jurisdiction, the anti crime Office of Wuhai public security Bureau solved the case of Yi Lianfeng and others suspected of organizing, leading and participating in organizations of underworld nature in Tongliao City. At present, the Public Security Bureau of Wuhai City has taken compulsory measures against 48 suspects involved in the case (in addition, some suspects have taken compulsory measures in other cases before), and the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City has made a decision to approve the arrest of 26 of them.
The main members of the underworld organization are Yi Lianfeng, Li Xiaobin, Yi liantao, Yang Xiaoguang (Yang Xiaohong) and 29 others. After investigation by the public security organ, the criminal organization is suspected of the crime of organizing, leading, participating in underworld organizations, organizing prostitution, opening casinos, intentional injury, provocation, extortion, illegal possession of guns, ammunition, illegal detention, illegal transfer of land use rights, bribery, harbouring, intentional destruction of accounting documents, helping to destroy evidence, etc Multiple crimes.
Photos of suspects released by Wuhai police. Photos of suspects released by Wuhai police.
Director of the public security department: beat down the “Godfather” of the underworld in Tongliao
On November 26, 2019, at the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of the autonomous region, hengxiaofan, then the director of the Department of public security of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, made a report on the work of the public security organs in the whole region in the special struggle against crime. The report said that since June 2019, the district’s public security organs have thoroughly implemented the requirements of the central steering group, adhered to the establishment, implementation and supervision of the reform, and promoted the continuous upgrading of the special fight against crime. The report specifically refers to the case of “June 28”, saying that “Yi Lianfeng and his criminal group, the” Godfather “of the underworld in Tongliao City, were defeated at one stroke”.
The investigation and handling of the “June 28” case lasted six months. The Wuhai police mobilized more than 200 police officers to form a task force, which traveled more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers. A total of 68 suspects were arrested, suspected of 16 charges, seized 147 sets of real estate and 6 garages 28 vehicles, 15 fund accounts, 7 Insurance and wealth management accounts, 80396.4 yuan in cash, 19000 US dollars and 90000 yen in cash were seized, seized and frozen, totaling over 460 million yuan in assets. In the main case, 381 volumes of files were bound, with a file thickness of up to 8m. The indictment opinion reached 154 pages, nearly 80000 words.
On January 3 this year, the investigation of the “June 28” case was completed and transferred to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution.
“6.28” Yi Lianfeng organized, led and participated in the case of underworld organizations and transferred it to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution. “6.28” Yi Lianfeng organized, led and participated in the case of underworld organizations and transferred it to the people’s Procuratorate of Wuhai City for examination and prosecution.
A total of 68 suspects were arrested by the “June 28” task force. A total of 68 suspects were arrested by the “June 28” task force.
The “6.28” case has 381 volumes. According to the figure, 381 volumes of the “6.28” case were bound. According to Wuhai Public Security Bureau
Autonomous Region Inspection