Fengchao public letter users

5月 10, 2020 佛山桑拿

Fengchao’s attitude suddenly changed after a strong reply was sent that it would pursue the losses caused by the stop of Fengchao’s dongxinyuan community. On the evening of May 9, Fengchao smart cabinet sent a message saying that there was a test for the 12-hour free storage period, and the function of “relatives and friends take over” was opened. At the same time, we will jointly encourage you to pick up the package as soon as possible. In the near future, Shunfeng will take the lead in launching the activities of early pick-up and win red packets. All users of Shunfeng package who are taken out within 2 hours will get 2 yuan red packets, and those who take out within 4 hours will get 1 yuan red packets.
On May 7, the owners’ committee of dongxinyuan community in Hangzhou issued a notice that Fengchao express cabinet in the community was temporarily out of service. The reason is that since April 30, Fengchao has launched the paid member service, and the express cabinet will charge the non member ordinary users overtime management fee. Subsequently, other communities joined in the ranks of stopping Fengchao. On May 9, Fengchao said that it was a serious breach of contract for dongxinyuan community to continue to shut down, which caused huge economic and goodwill losses to the company. Fengchao will pursue relevant economic and goodwill losses according to the contract.
This tough attitude changed by the night of May 9. “A letter to dear users” released by Fengchao in the evening of that day said that red packets will be issued to qualified users.
Fengchao said that it will jointly encourage you to pick up the items as soon as possible, among which Shunfeng will take the lead in launching the activities of early pick-up and winning red envelopes in the near future. All users whose SF packets are taken out within 2 hours will get 2 yuan red packets, and take out within 4 hours will get 1 yuan red packets.
Beiqing news reporter learned that for the “12-hour storage period” with larger opinions, Fengchao said that many communities can no longer increase the number of cupboards because of site problems, but in order to better serve users, we must constantly improve the speed of receiving express. According to the background data, the delivery peak of couriers is between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every day, generally reaching the peak at 10:00 a.m. It is determined that 12 hours of free storage is based on the calculation of the peak time of dispatch. The user can usually get home and take the bag away at 11:00 p.m. at the latest. If you don’t pick it up after this time, it will affect the normal delivery of couriers at the peak of the next day’s dispatch, and ultimately affect the user experience.
In addition, in order to encourage users to pick up items as early as possible, Fengchao has launched the function of relatives and friends’ proxy. After associating with relatives and friends’ mobile phone numbers, they can receive the reminder of picking up items synchronously, and they can also take out packages when you are inconvenient.
According to Fengchao, Fengchao has laid more than 180000 smart cabinets in the whole country, even if the turnover rate is only increased by 1%, it will also bring about a great increase in the utilization rate of resources. Since the function of online membership, the proportion of parts picked up by Fengchao within 12 hours has increased by 5 percentage points, which means that nearly one million outlets can be vacated every morning, so that the courier can provide more efficient services for the receiving users.
Finally, Fengchao said that it was deeply disturbed by the previous failure to clearly explain the overall consideration of member services for the improvement of the industry’s service ability, which caused public concern and discussion. It would also take this opportunity to re-examine and strengthen the communication with users, and sincerely hope that you can understand.
How much is the annual operation and maintenance cost of intelligent express cabinet?
Beiqing news reporter learned that Fengchao, founded in 2015, has not made any money since its birth. According to the public information, from 2016 to 2018, the total assets of Fengchao changed from 1.3 billion yuan to 6.311 billion yuan, the total liabilities increased from 630 million yuan to 1.732 billion yuan, and the accumulated losses have exceeded 1 billion yuan. In 2019, the loss reached 781 million yuan, plus 245 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020, and another 1 billion yuan in one year and three months. The loss increased with the expansion.
The industry figures out that the operation and maintenance cost of an intelligent express cabinet in one year will reach 100000 yuan. Previously, the revenue sources of express cabinets mainly depended on advertising revenue, package collection revenue, usage fees collected from the delivery personnel, fees paid by consumers for overdue pick-up, paid deposit and partial reward fees, etc.
Can charging overtime fees to users smooth out losses?
Express cabinet mailing business, because the charges are similar to ordinary mailing, and there are quite tedious operations, far from being convenient for the home courier to come to the door within one hour, not to mention the additional services such as shopping on the self delivery cabinet, using o2o service, etc., which have no use scenario at all.
In this case, some founding enterprises of Fengchao, such as Shentong and Yunda, have transferred their shares to leave. Fengchao chooses the second-largest express mail in the M & a industry to expand its scale, reduce vicious competition and keep warm. The number of express cabinets in the two countries will reach 69% in 2019.
According to the rough estimate of Beiqing daily, the charge can not completely wipe out the loss of Fengchao: as of March 31, 2020, Fengchao has invested about 178000 express cabinets. Assuming that 10% of each 20 outlets of express cabinets will be charged 0.5 yuan for overtime, Fengchao will get nearly 260 million yuan of revenue in one year.
However, this year’s figure is only slightly higher than the loss of Fengchao in the first quarter of this year. And far earlier than Fengchao, express mail began to charge for overtime, which is still unprofitable. In the first quarter of 2020, the unaudited net profit of China Post intelligent delivery, the main body of express mail, was a loss of 159 million yuan.