Tens of thousands of years of breaking of stalactites

5月 14, 2020 佛山桑拿

Gulang Cave Scenic Spot, 48 kilometers away from Gulin County, Sichuan Province, was formed in the Cretaceous. The cave is rich in landscape and various stalactites are lifelike. The formation of a stalactite often takes tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, which is of great value for viewing and scientific research.
However, it is this very precious stone stalactic that some people still have a “crooked brain”. A tourist deliberately breaks two stone stalactic and takes them home to be an ornament
On May 12, the cover journalist learned that the court of Gulin County, Luzhou City moved the case to the circuit court to popularize the law. The tourist was sentenced to apologize publicly and compensate the scenic spot 2500 yuan.
In October 2019, Xiaohe, a tourist, destroyed two stalactites, about 30cm to 40cm long, and threw away the larger one, while the smaller one was ready to take home for ornamental ornaments.
After the security personnel in the backview area found out and called the police, the police coordinated and failed to deal with it. The plaintiff Luzhou Gulang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. sued to Gulin court and asked the defendant to compensate for the loss and restore to the original state.
Later, the court of Gulin County, Luzhou City moved the case to the circuit court. The defendant took the initiative to recognize his mistake. The two sides reached a mediation agreement. The defendant compensated 2500 yuan for the loss and apologized for the mistake.
The person in charge of the scenic spot said that stalactite is a precious treasure left by nature to human beings, whose value cannot be measured by money, and once damaged, it cannot be recovered even by advanced scientific means.
The purpose of suing this tourist is not to obtain compensation, but to warn and educate some tourists of uncivilized behavior, remind the majority of tourists to establish the concept of safe and civilized tourism when entering the scenic spot.