Actors are paid according to their titles

5月 24, 2020 佛山桑拿

Beijing, China, May 23 (Xinhua) — from the TV series don’t talk to strangers, if you are the one, to the drama Teahouse and mutiny, Feng Yuanzheng, the leader of the cast team of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, has brought many popular roles to the audience.
As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Feng Yuanzheng also pays close attention to the trend of the literary and art circles. Under the epidemic situation, the performance industry has been greatly impacted. To this end, Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal on the restoration of the performance market. He hoped that the National Art Fund could help the private enterprises with greater influence to regain their confidence.
In addition, he also suggested that the new literature and art group professional title evaluation system should be introduced to incorporate the new literature and art group professional title evaluation into the existing professional title evaluation system. “If the new literary and art groups have professional titles, it is a protection for the actors, and it can also limit the remuneration.” Feng Yuanzheng said in an interview with
On the crisis of performance industry
In fact, Feng Yuanzheng had prepared other proposals before. But in March, affected by the epidemic, the performance industry ushered in a wave of “cancellation”. By asking friends who do performances, Feng Yuanzheng learned that many performance companies have fallen into a downturn.
According to his understanding, there are 5000 companies with performance qualification in Beijing, and 3000 to 4000 companies without performance qualification, totaling nearly 10000. Of the 5000 companies with performance qualifications, 80% are state-owned, and the rest are all privately owned. “They make money when they perform, and they have no money when they don’t perform.”
Feng Yuanzheng said that last year many performance companies have arranged all the performances of this year, and now many of them have been cancelled. If the theater opens in the future, these performances may not be able to be shown again, because the theater has been arranged to the end of this year. Feng Yuanzheng laments that they are very difficult. The salary of the staff and the rent of the office may be all problems.
Some time ago, the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the guide to prevention and control measures for the reopening of theatres and other performance venues, which mentioned that the number of audience in theatres and other performance venues should not exceed 30% of the number of theater seats. In the view of the insiders, if the attendance rate is less than 30%, the performance company does not make money at all, and may lose money.
It is in this case that Feng Yuanzheng put forward a proposal to restore the performance market. The National Art Fund has played an important role in the prosperity of art creation, the cultivation of art talents, the creation and promotion of fine masterpieces, and the healthy development of the art industry. In Feng Yuanzheng’s view, under the epidemic situation, the state will definitely issue relevant policies to help the performance market, but for performance companies, if they only rely on themselves to rise again, it may be more difficult, especially some private companies.
In Feng Yuanzheng’s proposal, he hoped that the special affairs department would come up with the National Art Fund to supplement them. In addition to the subsidies on the project, each performance can also be given some subsidies, so that practitioners can survive better. “Those who can do art and art performance must be very dreamy people. I don’t want their dreams to be broken in this epidemic, which makes me decide to make this proposal.” Feng Yuanzheng said.
Talk about new changes in the performance industry: online performance or future hot spots
After pressing the pause button for offline performances, people in the industry began to help themselves. For example, various “cloud performances” were launched, and Beijing People’s art continued to open several online script readings.
In this regard, Feng Yuanzheng also has his own observation. In his view, this was a helpless move first, and then it became a matter of active exploration. He believes that in the future, in addition to traditional theater performances, online performances may also be a hot spot. “For online performances, the kind of broadness is beyond the reach of theatrical performances, and the audience can come from all over the world.”
Recently, theaters around the country are gradually reopening. However, it is not known how many audiences would like to go to the theatre. Feng Yuanzheng thinks that now everyone has become more cautious. For example, on May 1 this year, many people think there will be retaliatory consumption, but the result is not as expected.
“We are also thinking that the capital theater is open. How many people dare to enter and are willing to enter. If I go into the theater and see people, I may be scared. Even if the theater is open now, can it really have 30% of the audience? And the audience are wearing masks, which will also have a strong psychological pressure on the actors on the stage. ” Feng Yuanzheng said that it will take time for the audience to really summon up their courage to enter the theatre.
On the new literature and art group: it is suggested to introduce the title evaluation system of the new literature and art group
In recent years, new literary and art groups, including online writers, contract writers, freelance writers, independent producers, independent actors and singers, and free art workers, are rising. At the same time, their rights and interests are also concerned.
This is related to another proposal of Feng Yuanzheng. He suggested that a new title evaluation system for literary and art groups should be introduced. The title evaluation of new literary and art groups should be included in the existing title evaluation system. Barriers should be broken as soon as possible, talent channels should be unblocked, and they should be recognized.
In his view, since the new literary and art groups are defined, in addition to their identity, they should also be given some affirmation in terms of artistic achievements. If the new literary and art groups have the title evaluation, it is also a protection for the actors, but also can limit the pay.
“We all have professional titles, from national first-class actors to national fourth class actors. I am a visiting professor of Shanghai Academy of drama and Beijing Film Academy. The reason why I am a visiting professor is that,