Luo Zhixiang likes it quietly

5月 26, 2020 佛山桑拿

Preface: on May 24, 2020, Catherine Yang posted the photos of dinner with Jolin Tsai and Wilbur pan on her microblog. “Have a meal with your brother and sister.” In the photo, Catherine Yang’s long curly hair is compared to the camera lens, Jolin Tsai’s long hair is gentle with a smile, and Wilbur pan is standing between them in a baseball cap.
At the same time, pan Weibo also released a group photo of the party with Yang Chenglin and Cai Yilin on INS. It is reported that this party is a treat for Pan Weibai. Five years ago, when pan Weibai finished his concert in xiaojudan, he had the same frame with Luo Zhixiang, Cai Yilin and Yang Cailin. Now, Luo Zhixiang is the only one missing in the party, which some people feel sorry for.
There are also netizens with big brain holes: “is Luo Zhixiang taking photos?” Luo Zhixiang ended isolation on May 23. If he wants to go, he can go. Although Luo Zhixiang didn’t appear in the group photo, he quietly praised pan Weibai’s blog. He wanted to keep a low profile, but he was found by netizens.
Why is Luo Zhixiang so low-key? Because he didn’t want to involve his friends any more. Since Luo Zhixiang was exposed by Zhou Yangqing, many of his friends have been suspected. Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainment commentator, pointed out that as early as 2010, Luo Zhixiang had been rumored to have X disease, which also spread to female stars such as Catherine Yang and Caijie Guo.
Luo Zhixiang held a press conference early and denied the rumor. Unexpectedly, 10 years later, the rumor came out again. Guo Caijie was so angry that she wanted to sue the rumor mongers. However, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t think it was necessary to emphasize that the Qing people were self-cleaning. It also shows that Yang Cailin and Luo Zhixiang are friends, while Guo Caijie and Luo Zhixiang are not.
Cai Yilin has also been implicated by Luo Zhixiang because they have performed many ambiguous actions in public. At the beginning, Jay Chou and Jolin broke up and had a certain relationship with Show Luo. After all, who can bear his girlfriend and other male stars so ambiguous? And Luo Zhixiang is so much more handsome than Jay Chou.
Let alone pan Weibai, who is said to be one of Luo Zhixiang’s friends. It is said that Pan Weibo has a trumpet, which is specially used to hook up with netred. When pan Weibo learned that he had been on the hot search because of Luo Zhixiang, he shouted at the staff: “is there any mistake? If you hook up with netred, you will know how to scribble.”
Pan Weibai was so angry that he stuttered, but he still explained, “my trumpet is for my family and friends. Is there any problem?” So, in this stormy moment, Luo Zhixiang will definitely not appear at the Party of Pan Weibai, Yang Cailin and Cai Yilin. Even if we get together, we can’t take photos with them. It’s responsible for our friends.