Nearly 110000 cases died in meixinguan

6月 7, 2020 佛山桑拿

On June 6th, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in 1909077 cases, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University of America at 14:33 p.m. June 6th (2:33 Beijing time 7). The number of deaths due to new crown pneumonia reached 109497 cases, approaching 110 thousand. Compared with 16:33 on the previous day, the number of newly diagnosed cases was 18485 and the number of newly dead cases was 577.
India adds 61000 new cases a week. Who experts: rapid growth, no major outbreak
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in India have increased to 61 thousand in the past week, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases has doubled every 3 weeks, according to the India Press Trust.
“In South Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other densely populated countries, the epidemic is growing rapidly, but it has not yet entered the situation of a major outbreak, but the risk of a major outbreak has always existed,” Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO emergency project, said at a press conference
On June 6, 9887 new confirmed cases were found in India, setting a new record of one-day growth for four consecutive days. As of 8 a.m. Saturday, 236657 confirmed cases and 6642 deaths had been reported in India.
270 cases of new crown confirmed in Italy with a total diagnosis of nearly 235000 cases
According to the data released by the Italian civil protection department, as of 18:00 local time on the 6th, 270 new cases of coronavirus infection had been added in Italy in 24 hours, with a total of 234801 infections, 33846 deaths, 72 deaths, 163781 cures and 1297 cures. There were 35877 confirmed cases, 293 of which were in intensive care, 23 fewer than the previous day. Lombardy was the region with the largest number of new cases on that day, with 142 new cases accounting for about half of the total number of cases in the country.
878 newly confirmed cases of new crown in Turkey totaled nearly 170000
On the evening of June 6 local time, the updated data on the website of the Ministry of health of Turkey showed that 35846 new coronavirus tests were carried out on the same day, and 878 of them were positive. So far, a total of 169218 cases have been confirmed in Turkey. 21 new deaths occurred on the same day, with a total of 4669 deaths. 1922 cases were cured on the same day, and 135322 cases were cured in total. A total of 2303258 tests have been carried out in Turkey. At present, 591 cases of intensive care patients and 264 cases of intubation patients.
Experts: affected by the protests, the number of new crown diagnoses in the United States may be out of control
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was exacerbated by ongoing protests across the country in June 6th, according to the Congressional Hill newspaper. According to the report, the number of newly confirmed cases in 23 states is increasing every week, among which Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont have set the highest record of newly confirmed cases since the outbreak in the past four days. In the past 10 days, Texas has seen more than 1000 new confirmed cases every day, and this week alone has seen more than 10000 new confirmed cases. Similarly, the number of new confirmed cases in Arizona this week was 5055, double that of last week.
In response, U.S. public health experts said that the epidemic data in the next few weeks will provide important hints for the summer unsealing plan. Experts warn that if people relax their vigilance, the lower number of diagnoses at this stage may be out of control.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia reached 1908235 in June 6th, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States at 13:33 p.m. Eastern time. The number of deaths from new crown virus reached 109443 cases, approaching 110 thousand.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by press secretary of Kazakhstan
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, President of Kazakhstan’s president Tokaev, was delivered in the evening of 6 local time, and was being treated in social media, he said, referring to his new crown pneumonia. He was receiving medical treatment from Kazakhstan. He said President Tokayev had not been affected and was still working normally.
△ screenshot of news secretary Berek Wali’s social media
164 newly diagnosed cases of new crown in Spain 241310 cases in total
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 241310 cases in 6 days, according to the latest data released by the Spanish Ministry of health. 27135 cases died, and 164 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours. 67 cases were newly added in nearly 7 days.
A total of 43887 new crown cases were confirmed in Sweden
On June 6th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in Sweden on June 6th, when the public health bureau released 14 cases. The total number of new cases increased by 948 in Sweden. There were 17 new deaths on that day, with a total of 4656 deaths.
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Novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased sharply in the US, but the infection rate is decreasing, the Department of health of Florida said.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States has nearly 23 thousand cases, and over 1 million 890 thousand cases have been diagnosed.