Panorama of tank car explosion scene

6月 15, 2020 佛山桑拿

On the afternoon of June 13, a tank car exploded on the highway near Wenling, Zhejiang Province of G15 Shenhai expressway, causing the collapse of surrounding houses and factories. So far, 19 people have been killed and 172 hospitalized, including 24 seriously injured.
On June 14, Zhejiang Natural Resources Department and Taizhou city geographic information surveying and Mapping Center released a panoramic view of the scene of the explosion accident online.
Wenling Municipal People’s government’s Information Office announced on the morning of the 14th that the explosive vehicle was a tank car with a liquefied petroleum gas tank and a license plate of Zhejiang cm9535 (belonging to Ruiyang dangerous goods transportation Co., Ltd. of Ruian City), which was driven from Ningbo to Wenzhou, and exploded in the middle of the lower ramp at the west exit of Wenling from G15 Shenhai Expressway to Fujian.
Aerial view of explosion point
Through the panoramic view of the scene, it can be seen that the tank car body has been disassembled after the explosion. Part of the truck body debris flew to the green belt inside the ramp, and the part of the right side of the ramp nearly 20 meters guardrail exploded from the lane.
The tank body flew to the townhouse of Liangshan village, about 300 meters away from the explosion point.
Can body flies more than 300 meters away
Firefighters involved in the rescue previously revealed that there were two vehicles on the road at that time. “In addition to tank cars, behind them is a container truck. After the accident, the location of the two vehicles did not move for the purpose of protecting the site. “
Container trucks at the scene of the accident (within the white circle)
After the accident, there was a network rumor that the tank car explosion was caused by the rear end of the car. The traffic control bureau of the Ministry of public security has refuted the rumor that, after preliminary investigation, the tank car that exploded did not contact with any vehicle.
The most affected area was Liangshan village outside the Shenhai expressway.
Houses and factories
Villagers told the interface news that the most serious impact of the explosion was on several houses facing the highway, four story buildings on the ramp side, all private houses. “Because it’s a weekend, most of the villagers are at home. There are old people and children.”
A 16-year-old boy in Liangshan village was working at home when his house was hit by explosives, the Beijing News reported. Ms. Cai, the boy’s aunt, told reporters that his parents would take him out of the house at ordinary times, but the boy asked his classmates to do homework at home on Saturday, and unfortunately they were hit. The family confirmed that the 16-year-old boy had been killed.
The traffic control bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reported that the tank car exploded and collapsed the workshop on the side of the road and a second explosion occurred. Interface news said that Taizhou A & B mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. “at that time, many workers were still working in it. It’s more than an hour before we get off work. The explosion happened. “
In Wenling Oriental Hospital, Mr. Wang recalled the accident and said that all the factories were covered with white smoke at that time.
Several rescue workers confirmed that the above two buildings are the most concentrated place for the dead and injured. After the incident, nearly a thousand rescue forces from Zhejiang Province, Wenling City and surrounding areas mainly searched the two ruins for survivors.
The scene of the explosion was captured by surveillance at the entrance and exit toll station of the nearby Shenhai expressway. From the panoramic view, there is a certain distance between the entrance and exit and the explosion point.
At present, the two drivers of tank car are still in the state of losing contact. Their families disclosed to the interface news that the two drivers, aged 35 and 32 respectively, came from other provinces to work in Zhejiang Province. They have many years of experience in driving tank cars. “The shortest one of them has been running for one and a half years, and they are very familiar with each other.” And according to the regulations, even for the itinerary that can arrive in one day, the two should set up a shift to take care of each other.
According to CCTV news, the tank car involved belongs to Ruiyang dangerous goods transportation Co., Ltd., which was founded on March 5, 2003. According to Tianyan inspection, the business scope of the company is dangerous goods transportation, automobile information consulting service, automobile rental service, etc., with a registered capital of 595000 yuan. Relevant administrative punishments show that Ruiyang dangerous goods transportation Co., Ltd. of Ruian City was punished 10 times by Wenzhou and Ruian road transportation administration bureau from 2016 to 2018, with a total fine of 14100 yuan.
Among them, the reasons for four times of punishment are “failure to carry out vehicle comprehensive performance test and technical grade evaluation according to the specified cycle and frequency”, two times of punishment due to “failure to implement safety production management system according to the regulations”, two times of punishment due to “failure to carry out vehicle comprehensive performance test and technical grade evaluation according to the specified cycle and frequency”, etc. In addition, in terms of legal disputes, from 2014 to 2019, the company involved four cases of liability disputes in motor vehicle traffic accidents.
Wenling City reported on the morning of the 14th that after receiving the police, it quickly organized public security, fire fighting, medical and medical forces and local township and village cadres to rush to the scene to organize rescue and evacuate the masses. Carry out personnel layout in time and conduct comprehensive search and rescue on site. And check the hidden dangers to prevent secondary accidents. The Zhejiang fire and rescue Corps has deployed the war support unit, and Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, mobile rescue teams, earthquake rescue heavy search and rescue teams, and the Hangzhou search and rescue dog team have rushed to the scene for reinforcement. More than 30 sets of excavators and other large-scale rescue machinery and equipment were put into site rescue, 151 rescue vehicles of various types were dispatched, and more than 2660 people participated in rescue. At present, the rescue work is still in intense progress.
In total, more than 630 medical staff were sent to Wenling for treatment. 62 experts from provincial and local levels arrived at Wenling for guidance and treatment at the first time. At present, the injured are treated in 6 hospitals including Taizhou Enze hospital and Wenling first people’s hospital. Each hospital has a leader in charge of organizing, commanding and coordinating, and opening up green channels in the province and Taizhou city