Three groups of people must be tested

6月 23, 2020 佛山桑拿

Yesterday afternoon, the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work leading group of Beijing seventy-first meeting and the Beijing Capital strict Beijing joint management coordination system was held at the thirty-second meeting, in-depth implementation of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, further study the epidemic prevention and control work.
The meeting stressed that it is necessary to speed up the nucleic acid detection, so that it should be tested as much as possible and willing to be tested as much as possible. To grasp the key points, all who have ever been to the wholesale market of Xinfadi or have contact with its relevant personnel must be comprehensively tested, all kinds of farmers’ markets, catering, canteens, takeout, express delivery, logistics and other personnel must be comprehensively tested, and medium and high-risk streets and townships, medical personnel, epidemic prevention workers and personnel in the service fields of transportation, supermarket, bank and so on must be comprehensively tested. According to the risk level of the population, we should grasp the testing time sequence, give priority to the key areas, arrange the secondary testing for the key population who will be released from the centralized medical observation, and pay attention to other key parts and high-risk susceptible population. Strengthen overall planning and organization, maintain the order of on-site sampling, and implement heatstroke prevention measures.
It was emphasized that the ability of nucleic acid detection should be further improved. We will coordinate resources from medical institutions and third-party testing institutions, strengthen training and guidance for personnel of new testing institutions, and make full use of existing and new testing capabilities. Strictly standardize the operation process, strengthen supervision and inspection, build and use the testing information platform, and further improve the quality and efficiency of testing.