My mother refused to break the window when she locked the car

6月 27, 2020 佛山桑拿

“Children locked in the car”
“Careless parents leave their children in the car”
“The child beat the window for help without success”
in recent years,
These keywords often appear in our eyes
Another scene of crisis in the streets of Caoxian County, Heze
A kind of
About 10 a.m. on June 24
Liangditou police station of Caoxian Public Security Bureau received the public alarm
A baby trapped in a car on the street of Xiazhuang, liangditou town
Police arrived at the scene quickly
A young mother
Leave the 1-year-old in the car to go shopping
After shopping, I found the key locked in the car
Automatic door locking
She’s been banging her hand on the window and yelling for the kids in the car
Attract the attention of the masses
People suggest smashing windows to save lives
But it was rejected by the mother
Warm hearted people called 110 to call the police
Because of the hot weather
The children in the car were crying and blushing
Police decided to smash windows to save lives
The mother refused
Say the spare key will be delivered immediately
Police watch the children
Ready to break the window
Ten minutes later
Still not waiting for the spare key
Police are ready to fight
The mother still said
Wait a second
Police roar
Car glass or children
And then forced to smash the window to save the child
At this time, the child is all wet
Physical strength is obviously not enough
The police hurriedly urged the mother of the child to take him to the house for the summer
I’m glad the baby’s ok
The crowd cheered
Seeing the weather getting hotter
The temperature in the car is also very high in summer
Because of the heat
There are endless tragedies
You can’t imagine the temperature in the car
According to research findings
When the temperature reaches 35 ℃
15 minutes of sunlight
Temperature in closed car
It can rise to 65 ℃
In such an environment
Half an hour can be fatal
In case of accidentally leaving the child in the car alone
Adults should keep calm
Maintain emotional stability by communicating with children
Guide children to open the door by themselves
At the same time, we need to call the public security, fire control and other phones for professional assistance
If the door cannot be opened in a short time
Don’t hesitate to smash the window decisively
Do not delay rescue due to reluctance
After the child was rescued from the car
We should take some measures to cool and replenish water for children in time
If the child is in a coma, see a doctor immediately.
Last reminder:
Never leave your child in the car alone!