Millions of us netizens want to change the national flag

6月 29, 2020 佛山桑拿

After toppling down many celebrity statues and questioning the legitimacy of the national anthem, many American netizens began to make fun of the American flag. Recently, a joint campaign called “changing the U.S. flag” received more than 1 million Internet users’ response on the famous petition collection website in the United States.
The so-called “revised draft of the United States flag” information map, source: Twitter
Recently, in the United States famous petition collection website“ ”A call for a change of the national flag and Anthem of the United States was issued on the.
The content of this initiative can be described as serious and indignant. At the beginning of the initiative, the author said passionately: “we teenagers are the future of the United States, and we should put forward our national flag design scheme.”. Later, the author criticizes the original American Star Spangled Banner as “not only ugly, but also very bad”.
In response to the protest that “the lives of black people are also lives”, the new design of the “national flag” has replaced the blue and five pointed star patterns in the upper left corner of the original national flag with black “representing black people”. The pattern was changed to a cartoon character named “Manny” and the stripes between red and white were changed to “yellow and white stripes”.
According to the design draft, this image, called “Manny”, symbolizes the pro youth in the new era of “justice, unity and fearlessness” in the United States, while the yellow and white stripes symbolize happiness, enthusiasm and wisdom.
Image taken from“ “
In addition, with the new flag, the original American National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, does not live up to its name. The author suggests that black and yellow, a black pop singer, should be chosen as the National Anthem of the new generation according to the color matching of the “new national flag”.
Up to the time of publication, the initiative has collected the support of 1 million Internet users. According to the page, the target number of the petition is 1.5 million.
This time “modifying the national anthem and national flag” is not groundless. On June 19, a statue of Francis, the songwriter of the US National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, was toppled by protestors in San Francisco. On the 24th, Lindsay Parker, the music editor of Yahoo, said in a column that the American National Anthem “the Star Spangled Banner” was “obviously” racist, “and” it may be time to change it. “.
The protestors believed that Francis had once supported slavery. In the lyrics of his national anthem, “those slaves and mercenaries who have no place to hide will inevitably fail and die”, which is “discriminating against slaves” with colonial color.
Source: Fox News Channel 8
Therefore, whether or not to change the national anthem and national flag because of Francis’s behavior and the controversial lyrics has become a hot topic on American social networks.
However, the author interviewed several friends from the United States. The above-mentioned initiative to give a “draft of the national flag” is likely to be an “anti string black”.
The cartoon character named “Manny” in the “national flag” is from the 2004 cartoon “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. In the book, Manny is a selfish, irascible “bear child” who nearly set the house on fire because of quarreling with his family and opening the gas valve.
Therefore, in American subculture, “Manny” is often used to refer to the irresponsible and willful “giant baby”. This is exactly what many conservatives in the United States are saying about the current anti discrimination protestors.
I don’t know how many of the 1 million people who supported the change of the national flag and national anthem, how many of them knew the meaning of “Manny”, and could not verify whether their motivation to join the joint signing was to ridicule the current protestors in the United States. However, judging from the speeches made by many American netizens on social networks, this initiative is still quite hot.
Some people said: “to change a new national flag is to move in the right direction.”.
A more common way of playing is to deliberately put the American flag and the “mani flag” together, mock the Star Spangled Banner in a pretentious way, and pick up a passage to praise the “mani flag”.
However, some people expressed their dissatisfaction with the “flag changing Carnival”. The netizen said, “you would rather participate in the boring proposal of” using the Manny flag as the national flag “than really help people in need. I can go to you!”
Because these netizens’ speeches are so “serious”, passers-by don’t know whether it’s their real idea or just joking.
In my opinion, this strange state is also a reflection of the mentality of some American protestors. With the spread and expansion of the protests, they don’t know what they should support or oppose. The only thing they want to do is to be busy on the way of Carnival and finding new topics.
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