Resignation of chairman of Minsheng Bank

7月 1, 2020 佛山桑拿

On the evening of June 30, Minsheng Bank announced that Hong Qi, the former chairman of the bank, had applied to resign from the position of executive director and chairman of the seventh board of directors of the bank because of his age. At the same time, the bank ushered in its fourth chairman, Gao Yingxin, former vice chairman and President of BOCHK.
According to public information, Hongqi has worked in Minsheng Bank for 25 years. In the year when Minsheng Bank was founded, that is, in 1996, Hong Qi had joined Minsheng Bank and served as vice president, President and executive director of Minsheng Bank. Since August 2014, Hong Qi has officially assumed the position of chairman of China Minsheng Bank, performing the duties of chairman.
Before joining Minsheng Bank, Hong Qi served in the people’s Bank of China, Bank of communications and other units. He was the chief staff member of the head office of the people’s Bank of China, deputy director of the Securities Research Institute of Renmin University of China, President and Secretary of the Party group of Beihai branch of Bank of communications.
Gao Yingxin, who is newly appointed, also has rich working experience in banking and is an “old Chinese pedestrian”. From July 2004 to February 2005, Gao Yingxin served as the president and chief operating officer of Bank of China International Holdings Limited. From February 2005 to March 2015, Gao Yingxin served as the executive director and vice president of Bank of China Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited and Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, in charge of corporate banking and financial institutions. From May 2015 to January 2018, Gao Yingxin served as the vice president of Bank of China from January 2018 to may 2020 In June, he was vice chairman and President of BOC Hong Kong.
In fact, Gao Yingxin, as the new chairman of Minsheng Bank, has long been heard in the market. It is reported that on May 29, Minsheng Bank held a meeting to announce that Gao Yingxin, 57, the former vice chairman and President of BOC Hong Kong, would join Minsheng Bank as secretary of the Party committee, and Zheng Wanchun, President of the bank, would be changed from Secretary of the Party committee to Deputy Secretary of the Party committee.
Earlier, on May 25, BOCHK announced that Gao Yingxin resigned as executive director, vice chairman and President, member of strategy and Budget Committee and Sustainable Development Committee.
On June 5, Shi Yuzhu, chairman of giant network and non-executive director of Minsheng Bank, also said on his micro blog that the board of directors of Minsheng Bank had been over age. In the future, whoever presides over the overall situation of people’s livelihood will support it, but the income of the management led by the chairman must be linked to the market value of the company. It also said that Minsheng Bank has a large number of very excellent young people and should boldly be promoted to all levels of management without any more seniority.
At present, Minsheng Bank is also facing the election of board of directors. In fact, the board of directors of Minsheng Bank has been in office since December 10, 2019. But novel coronavirus pneumonia affected this year, in February 29th this year, Minsheng Bank pointed out in the announcement that in order to do a good job in the specific response to the epidemic, the board’s appointment should be postponed accordingly. The term of office of the directors of the seventh board of directors shall be postponed until the eighth board of directors is elected by the general meeting of shareholders. After the end of the epidemic, the board of directors will be actively promoted in accordance with the law.
According to the annual report of China Minsheng Bank in 2019, all directors, supervisors and senior managers (including current and outgoing employees) received a total of RMB 62.8847 million before tax during the reporting period.
Among them, in 2019, Hong Qi, the chairman of the bank, received 4.5793 million yuan of pre tax remuneration, Zheng Wanchun, President of the bank, and Chen Qiong, vice president The pre tax remuneration of Hu Qinghua, vice president and chief risk officer was 3.4235 million yuan, Zhang juntong, chairman of the board of supervisors and employee supervisor, was 4.1287 million yuan, and that of Bai Dan, financial director and Secretary of the board of directors, was 3.5301 million yuan.
Vice Chairman Zhang Hongwei, Lu Zhiqiang and Liu Yonghao received pre tax remuneration of 905000 yuan, 910000 yuan and 905000 yuan respectively. As one of the non-executive directors of the bank, Shi Yuzhu received a total of 780000 yuan of pre tax remuneration during the reporting period.