Chess player fan Yun Ruo falls

7月 3, 2020 佛山桑拿

Oriental net reporter Liu Hui reported on July 2: Heaven envies talents! Just now, the Shanghai go Association released the obituary: at about 1:00 this afternoon, fan YunRuo, a famous professional go player, fell from his home and died of depression.
According to the obituary, fan YunRuo was born in January 1996, fixed in 2009 and promoted to eight in 2019. He joined the Shanghai go team in 2009 and became the main force of Shanghai Weijia team in 2012. Before that, he had been training in the national go team.
It is reported that fan YunRuo was awarded Wang Saiya, a new go player in the 20th Jianqiao cup in 2013. The top four of the 2016 three star cup world go open. In 2017, the 18th Nongxin cup world go team championship defeated South Korea’s Park Ting Hwan, winning the sixth Nongxin cup for China. Second runner up of the 33rd Chinese go Tianyuan competition in 2019. In 2019, he won the mixed doubles gold medal of the fourth national intellectual games on behalf of Shanghai. Shanghai Chess Academy and Shanghai Weiqi Association expressed their deep sorrow for fan YunRuo’s unfortunate death!
World champion Ke Jie also posted a black picture on her micro blog this afternoon, using a lyric from Zhang Xueyou’s “to a friend”: “across the winter of life and death, remember to buy more clothes.” Under Ke Jie’s Micro blog, Guli’s ninth paragraph also said, “I wish everything is well and take care.”
The reporter learned that fan YunRuo’s last public appearance was in the LG cup in early June, when he met Shen zhenchen, the first South Korean man and defending champion of LG cup. Fan YunRuo lost to his opponent in the game, which became fan YunRuo’s last game of chess in his career, which really upset the majority of chess fans. Netizens have left messages: “only 24 years old, willing to rest.” “Extremely shocked, extremely sad!! The chess world has lost its talents! ” “May there be no depression in the world.”