Women’s gambling king’s Lingtang

7月 10, 2020 佛山桑拿

Recently, the funeral of the gambling king, Mr. Ho, was held as scheduled. His friends came to mourn for him. The richest man of all previous dynasties of Tianwang superstar came one after another. Audiences and reporters were crowded in front of the funeral parlor. Some citizens also went outside to mourn him.
At about 3:40 p.m., some troublemakers appeared at the funeral, and some people made a fuss in the funeral hall, which attracted netizens’ heated discussion.
Among them, a woman surnamed Zhou, who claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Mr. Ho, stood at the door of the funeral home and refused to leave.
This woman, surnamed Zhou, was dressed in colorful cheongsam and had short hair. When interviewed by a reporter, she claimed to be the biological daughter of Mr. ho. She also explained her misfortune to reporters and said that she had been taken away as a child.
But when the reporter asked her some more detailed questions, she was evasive and could not answer. She even called her husband Mr. Tan Yonglin’s younger brother.
The couple eventually led the police to her. However, Ms. Zhou did not give up. She threatened to see he Chaoxiong and he Chaoxian. Finally, they were expelled.
Some netizens speculated that these two people must be deliberately to make trouble. They want to divide the family property by the funeral of the king of gamblers. Their mental state is not very good. Is there a mental problem?
Some netizens also speculated that the king of gamblers had a biological daughter. Of course, this is also possible. Some time ago, the name “he Youbang” suddenly appeared in the obituary of the king of gamblers.
When people talk about who he Youbang is? Four too Liang Anqi stood up to admit that it was her eldest son. At this time, netizens knew that the king of gamblers had a son who had been hidden for more than 20 years. Today, she was well known.
But Angie Leung’s admission did not dispel the doubts of netizens. Some netizens speculated that this person was the illegitimate son of the king of gamblers, but was hung in the name of Liang angqi.
Those who came to mourn the king of gamblers were also gathered with celebrities. Huo Zhenhuan, the chief executive of Huo Yingdong group, and his wife sent a wreath. Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang attended the funeral of the king of gamblers. However, they only stayed for a short time, let the media take pictures and did not make any speech. After that, they left in a low profile.
As we all know, the two legendary figures, Huo Yingdong and he Hongshen, who died of the Huo family, started from scratch and forged a deep friendship. Therefore, Huo Qigang attended the funeral of Mr. ho.
Xu Jinheng, the former husband of the new gambling king he chaoqiong, also showed up with the former Secretary for justice, Elsie Leung. It was strange that Michelle Li did not accompany her husband.
There will be a funeral for the hero of the next generation, Mr. ho. However, according to feng shui master, there is no suitable time for his burial this year, so his body will be temporarily placed in the village. However, he has chosen a cemetery before his death and will be buried in the Hejia cemetery in Zhaoyuan cemetery, just next to his parents’ grave, and very close to the cemetery of his eldest daughter, he Chaoying.
I hope the king of gamblers has a good journey!