Three people killed by 81 year old people in Inner Mongolia

7月 12, 2020 佛山桑拿

At nine forenoon yesterday, “official account of Chifeng WeChat” issued a bulletin, “at 23:20 on July 9th, Inner Mongolia, Chifeng, Hongshan North Bridge old apartment (private), a murder case, resulting in 2 people died on the spot, 5 people were injured. Among the injured, one died at 5:00 on the 10th, and the other four had stable vital signs. The suspect Wang (male, 81 years old) has been arrested by the public security organs on the spot. At present, the case is under further investigation, and the aftermath disposal work is in order. “
After the incident, many local residents have been informed of the incident, most of them do not know the whole story of the incident.
Yesterday afternoon, as a citizen, the reporter contacted a staff member of the apartment by telephone. He said that there were more than 100 elderly people in the apartment. At present, the apartment is in a state of blockade, “neither let in nor out.”.
In the evening, the reporter came to the apartment building where the incident happened and found that the apartment for the elderly was a three story building with lights on in the hall on the first floor and the door was not locked. After the reporter entered, a man asked the reporter to leave, saying that he could not answer any questions.
It is understood that after the incident, the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Department has gone to the scene to deal with it. The staff have hired psychological experts to intervene with other elderly people, and they will also investigate the elderly care institutions in the whole district.
In addition, the reporter repeatedly dialed the phone number registered in Tianyan of Hongshan Yuexin senior apartment in Chifeng, but no one answered.
Yesterday, our newspaper rushed to Chifeng for the first time. The reporter saw that the apartment was a three story building, and it was forbidden to enter and leave at will.
In the interview, the reporter learned that after the incident, the elderly were taken to different hospitals by ambulance. A medical staff told reporters that when they arrived, the police had arrived at the scene to control the order. “Blood can be seen in the corridor.” The staff said that they found the injured old man in the room on the third floor. The old man could still nod and make a “ouch” sound.
“It seems that there are two beds in the room, and the person with the other bed seems to be out of order.” The staff said that the rescue task was heavy and the time was urgent. They quickly carried the injured to the ambulance, “when I came out, I saw an old man lying on his stomach by the side of the road, and several policemen were watching him.”
In the interview, several people familiar with the matter revealed that most of the injured were stabbed and the weapon was suspected to be scissors (the police have not verified it yet). The medical staff of a local hospital remember that one of the wounded had four stab wounds on his body, which hurt his lungs. “He was stabbed with scissors.”
Another hospital medical staff said, “there are many wounds on the body, but I don’t know what to stab with.”
Later, the reporter in the hospital, met the injured Li Xiu (pseudonym), Li Xiu 70 years old, is now sober, in the hospital for treatment.
Li Xiu is lying in the hospital bed and her daughter is taking care of her. When asked about the cause of the injury, Li xiuxin felt palpitation. She said, “I don’t know him. He’s crazy!” Li Xiu said that the other side is not a scissors, but a knife the size of a fruit knife, “take a knife and stab it, it’s crazy.”
Li Xiu got a call more than 40 o’clock, which scared her daughter “My father died. My mother used to work as a nurse here, but later she stayed here for many years.” She told reporters, “the director of the nursing home is very good. We used to go there before, and now the medical expenses are managed by the hospital.”
Li Xiu also did not know the specific reason, “because the old man was frightened, it is not clear that we are lucky in the misfortune.”
It is understood that at present, the bodies of the three dead are parked in the local funeral home, and the forensic medicine has intervened. According to registration information, two patients were in their 80s and one patient was in his 60s.
The reporter contacted the family members of one of the dead and said, “we haven’t said how to deal with the follow-up. Let’s talk about it in a week.” The rest didn’t reveal any more and hung up.
According to tianyancha, Hongshan Yuexin apartment for the aged was established and registered on December 26, 2015, with a registered capital of 200000 yuan, and the legal representative is Luo Dongdong. Its business scope is to provide life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, cultural entertainment and other services for the elderly.
The reporter noted that according to Article 17-1 of the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China, a person who has reached the age of 75 who intentionally commits a crime may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment; a negligent crime shall be given a lighter or mitigated punishment.
Yesterday afternoon, five o’clock, “Chifeng prosecutor” official account of the WeChat public, “in July 10, 2020, Chifeng red mountain people’s Procuratorate first time involved in Chifeng Yuet old apartment Wang Mou (81 years old) intentionally killing 3 deaths and 4 major injury cases, guide investigation and evidence collection, now the case is under investigation.”