New crown of frozen shrimp

7月 15, 2020 佛山桑拿

About the recent purchase of Ecuador by consumers in our city
Announcement on epidemic prevention and control of frozen South white shrimp products
Novel coronavirus pneumonia control system was launched in Hunan on July 13th afternoon. The city’s new prevention and control team of the new crown pneumonia was working in the epidemic prevention and control section. Some consumers in Ecuador bought the frozen South shrimp products through the “thriving and optimized” group purchase platform. The new container crown nucleic acid was positive for the same batch of products.
After receiving the prompt, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to it. The municipal emergency headquarters for epidemic prevention and control quickly took action. It has carried out a comprehensive investigation on the distribution points, stores, consumers and relevant contact personnel, sealed up the articles, isolated the contact personnel at home, and strictly carried out nucleic acid detection for the environment, articles and contacts. The prevention and control work is being carried out in accordance with the requirements of various standards.
So far, no abnormal situation has been found in the city. Please do not panic and believe in rumors. At the same time, we also welcome the general public to consult the prevention and control department (health and disease control department) and Community streets. The municipal epidemic prevention and control hotline was 0799-6353816.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia in Pingxiang
Emergency headquarters for epidemic prevention and control
July 14, 2020