Fan Bingbing’s crying at night

7月 28, 2020 佛山桑拿

Even Fan Bingbing, who is known as “Fan Ye”, will cry bitterly at night when he is lovelorn!
On July 27, Fan Bingbing’s fans group showed several magazine covers of idols and the text version of Fan Bingbing’s interview with the magazine.
Fan Bingbing on the cover has long hair and shawl, wearing a Black Sequin skirt, still noble and cool, full of Queen style, but the interview content unexpectedly exposed her vulnerable side.
One of the questions is: have you ever cried at night? To this, Fan Bingbing responded: when you are lovelorn.
In addition to saying that she once cried at night because of lovelorn, Fan Bingbing also said that she would cry when she heard the song no longer let you alone.
Take a look at the lyrics of this song: dry your sad tears, let you know when you are lonely, there is a me with you, I no longer let you alone, go to the end of time together.
This full of profound lyrics also make many netizens guess: Fan Bingbing is not suggesting that he is very lonely, want to love?
As the topic queen, Fan Bingbing’s emotional road is not smooth. Although there have been many rumors, she has publicly admitted that her boyfriends are Wang Xuebing and Li Chen, and her relationship with Wang Xuebing has been years ago.
Therefore, many netizens, after seeing Fan Bingbing’s interview, first associate with her ex boyfriend Li Chen.
As is known to all, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were in love with each other as early as 2014 when they cooperated with the legend of Wu Meiniang.
On May 29, 2015, the two showed a group photo on the social platform to publicize their love. On Fan Bingbing’s birthday in 2017, Li Chen proposed successfully, which made many netizens feel that “Ye Fan” is going to become “Li Tai”.
However, after Fan Bingbing fell into the scandal, the two people’s love began to be suspicious: first, Li Chen’s taking off the ring caused netizens to speculate that their relationship had changed. Then, Fan Bingbing’s birthday Li Chen did not send his blessing publicly, which further triggered heated discussion.
On June 27, 2019, the two men finally issued a high-profile official announcement to break up, which made many gourd eaters feel deeply sorry.
As a saying goes well: once there was much love, now there is much heartache, two people together for a whole five years, there have been many moments of love, it must be because of this, Fan Bingbing will break up and cry at night.
Now it has been a whole year and a month since the two broke up, which is the first time Fan Bingbing mentioned the topic of lovelorn after breaking up.
I hope that Fan Bingbing, 38, can find someone to accompany him to the end of time in the near future, and no longer cry secretly because of lovelorn or a song.