Airline meals have shrunk dramatically and passengers’interests should not be overlooked.

8月 29, 2019 佛山桑拿

Recently, many airline passengers have reported that since August, when they take domestic flights, they clearly feel that the quality of meals and service provided by airlines has been seriously reduced, whether in economy or business class. “Airplanes at 7:30 a.m. in the morning will issue several packages of snacks to deal with it,” and “Business class now eats, It’s not enough to plug the gap between the teeth, “even some netizens sunned it out, and only five pieces of fruit and two pieces of snacks were distributed in their business class.
In response, the airline explained that the “shrinkage” of airplane meals was related to higher requirements for flight safety put forward by the regulatory authorities.
According to the relevant system, these airlines cut the operation of aircraft meals is justifiable, there is no violation.
On October 16, 2012, the Civil Aviation Administration issued document 96, Opinions on Strengthening the Safety Management of Passenger Cabin, which requires that the service standards established by airlines should take full account of the completion time of crew members. The flight attendant can only perform safety duties within 20 minutes after takeoff and 30 minutes before landing. Under this regulation, the service time of flight attendants will indeed be shortened, especially the catering service procedure will be affected.
In line with this line of thought, the relevant airline interpretation is indeed compliant. But the public does not buy it, and many people also react against it. Now the general trend of all industries is “service upgrading”. At present, airfares have not been significantly reduced, and “degrading (food quality) without price reduction” is equivalent to service degrading. The voice of the airlines is undoubtedly worth facing up to.
In fact, before and after the introduction of document 96, the public has long expressed dissatisfaction and doubts about the phenomenon of simplification or cancellation of meals in some airlines. It is also reasonable that the collective action of several airlines coincided with each other because of the “excessive” action, which once again aroused strong public reaction.
Public discontent and doubts mainly come from simple horizontal and vertical comparisons.
Horizontally, compared with the meals of foreign airlines, domestic airlines’meals often make passengers feel that there is room for improvement. Now, without further improvement and simplification without clear price concessions, some passengers feel deprived. There are already strict requirements for security, and it is doubtful to explain the shrinkage of services.
It should be pointed out here that overseas airlines are less likely to cancel meals due to more cross-border routes and longer voyages. A simple comparison may not be appropriate.
But now, the public in the analysis of the meal shrinkage incident, more from the negative side of speculation – such as the main purpose of reducing costs, rather than from a positive understanding of the company’s “more stringent security” intention, the emotions behind can not be ignored.
Although airlines have the autonomy to operate and the freedom to take action to safeguard their safety, in this process, they need to respect the passengers’right to know and feel as much as possible, and communicate fully with passengers and the public. It’s hard to say enough simply to say “in accordance with the regulations of the regulatory authorities”.
Many airlines are based on document No. 96, the essence of which is people-oriented, requiring a satisfactory balance between safety and service. In other words, cabin safety should be guaranteed and service level should not be affected, which also includes meal service and related communication and interpretation work.
Airplane meals seem trivial, but the handling and response to them can truly reflect the company’s service concept and attitude, not to be neglected.


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