Brazil’s first lady is infected

7月 31, 2020 佛山桑拿

The first lady and bosonaro’s wife, Michelle bosonaro, is in good health and will be treated in accordance with “all established norms,” the Brazilian presidential palace said on Sunday. The day before, Michelle and bosonaro attended a public event, both wearing masks.
Bosonaro announced on July 7 that his new coronavirus test results were positive, since then has been in the official residence isolation treatment and work. On the 25th, the last test result was negative. Brazilian media said bosonaro had been living with Michelle and their two daughters at the official residence.
So far, Brazil has more than 2.256 million confirmed cases and more than 90000 deaths. Brazil’s minister of science and technology, Marcos pentes, announced Monday that he was infected with the new coronavirus. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the senior ministers of the Brazil citizen ministers, education ministers, minerals and energy ministers, the president’s chief safety advisor and the head of the media office of the presidential palace.