Response of young people with annual salary of 2.01 million

8月 5, 2020 佛山桑拿

Recently, a “just graduated annual salary of 2.01 million yuan, is a Chinese male!” The news caused public concern. Among them, Zhang Ji, who graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology majoring in computer science and technology, received the highest salary of 2.01 million yuan for Huawei’s “gifted youth”.
On the evening of August 4, Zhang Ji, who has been working for Huawei for more than two months, responded to online concerns. Talking about Huawei’s annual salary of more than 2 million yuan, Zhang Ji said: there must be pressure. Huawei must have high expectations of itself for such a high salary. In fact, some enterprises offer their own annual salary of 3 million or more, but I think the research direction matches Huawei’s.
Zhang Ji said: “recently Huawei has been subject to some so-called” sanctions “abroad. I hope that I can use what I have learned in Huawei’s most difficult times and do something meaningful to my best. If possible, we will try our best to help Huawei tide over some difficulties. “
For Zhang Ji’s response, netizens have said: have heart, ambition!
We can’t imagine what the annual salary of 2.01 million means. I can do the simplest mathematical subtraction, or mathematical division, which is 2.01 million / 12 months. How much is the salary per month? That is to say, the monthly salary is about 167500 yuan. After listening to such a skyrocketing salary, I’m afraid we have to swallow a lot of foam.
Such a reward, it has to be said that the development of these gifted teenagers in a period of time will be at its peak. The technology they bring to Huawei and the benefits Huawei brings to them form an absolute complementary advantage.
“Gifted youngsters” are, after all, a very small number. The candidates have gone through different levels of selection before they finally come to the fore. They can get a high salary and adapt to their ability and quality. When they are recruited as top talents, they have to face the top difficult scientific research tasks.
It should be a social consensus to affirm that individuals can obtain corresponding rewards by virtue of their abilities and efforts.