IPhone 12 compass navigation

8月 8, 2020 佛山桑拿

On July 31 this year, beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially opened. According to ranchengqi, spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, mobile phones supporting Beidou ground-based enhanced high-precision applications have been put on the market. Among domestic smart phone brands, only iPhone has not cooperated with Beidou.
At the same time, iPhone users are not satisfied with the positioning accuracy of Apple phones, but this situation is likely to be solved with the release of the iPhone 12 Series in the second half of this year.
According to foreign media, apple is testing the support of the iPhone 12 for Beidou navigation. It is expected to support the Beidou navigation system when the iPhone 12 is launched, so that iPhone 12 users can get better navigation accuracy.
Beidou navigation system is currently the world’s three major navigation systems, has been used by 120 countries around the world, navigation accuracy of 2 ~ 3 meters, Beidou heart accuracy every 3 million years difference of 1 second.