Sha Baoliang suspected cheating

8月 10, 2020 佛山桑拿

On August 10, some media photographed famous singer Sha Baoliang and actor Dai Xiaoying to have dinner together in a restaurant in Hengdian. After dinner, they also went back to the hotel hand in hand. They were close. Sha Baoliang was suspected of having an affair.
In the picture, Sha Baoliang and Dai Xiaoying sit on the same side of the table to have dinner together. On that day, Sha Baoliang dressed very low-key, wearing a dark cap, wearing a white T-shirt, has been immersed in eating. Dai Xiaoying is wearing a black skirt, long hair shawl, but also from time to time look up, it seems that did not want to cover up.
After dinner, they went back to the door of the hotel. Sha Baoliang held Dai Xiaoying’s hand. They looked very close. Dai Xiaoying walked too fast for a while, broke free of Sha Baoliang’s hand, and immediately stopped at the same place to wait for Sha Baoliang. It looked very intimate.
In this regard, most netizens are shocked. Someone said, “is that true? I can’t believe it. It’s better to eat melon in silence. “Some people also speculated:” is it possible that it is a group dinner? “
Sha Baoliang, 48, was born as an acrobat and later turned to be a singer. His song “secret fragrance” has been sung by countless people. However, the development in recent years has been tepid.
Although not much success in his career, Sha Baoliang has always been a “kind and honest” image in the hearts of netizens. Some time ago, there was a video about Sha Baoliang saving people on the Internet. This video happened on the highway. When Sha Baoliang rushed to the film studio, there was a traffic accident on the road.
Seeing this, Sha Baoliang quickly got out of the car to save people, pulled the trapped woman out of the cabin, and carefully asked if she was injured. He kept calming the other party’s emotions. He looked very warm. Netizens said they were moved.
If it is true, it will subvert Sha Baoliang’s image in the eyes of many netizens, and a follow-up development.