The mansion is dead for 30 years

8月 13, 2020 佛山桑拿

A case of corpse hidden in a mansion in France! A 30-year-old body was found in the basement of a mansion in the seventh district of central Paris in France, CNN reported on the 12th. At present, French government departments have launched a murder investigation on this matter.
The mansion, which has a complete internal courtyard and private garden, is located in the rich area of Paris and is sold for 35.1 million euros (about 286 million yuan), the report said.
“Historically, it’s an important building that many people have lived in, including the poet Francois Kopp,” Sabine lebredon, vice president of a local association dedicated to maintaining communities, told CNN. There’s a huge garden at the back, you can imagine, where you can have all kinds of receptions and social events That’s another century. “
The luxury building, which has been flying since the mid-18th century, was sold for 35.1 million euros in January, the report said. But in July, local French media said a body was found in the basement of the mansion.
French justice sources told CNN that the Paris prosecutor’s office has launched a preliminary murder investigation after a man’s body was found in the basement of a building under construction in Paris’s udino street. Officials said the body was found on February 26 this year and has been handed over to the criminal authorities for investigation.
“I got an email from a police officer and I told him everything I knew,” said Bruno Picard, a lawyer in charge of the house auction. They found a body. Apparently, the body has been there for 30 years. This will not have much impact on the rest of the case, and given the time frame, I think the owner is about to resume construction. “