Being beaten if you don’t drink a toast from a leader

8月 24, 2020 佛山桑拿

Recently, a screenshot of “a new employee who is slapped and insulted for not drinking a leader’s toast” has become popular on the Internet.
The screenshot shows that a new employee of Zhongguancun Branch of a bank was beaten and insulted by a leader for not drinking the wine of “a Jiao” when they were having dinner with their colleagues in Pangu seven star hotel in Beijing. He slapped me in the face and accused me of “your mother X” one by one, indicating that he was optimistic about me, but I didn’t drink the wine of corner a and asked if it was stupid.
Later, Yang Mou, who left first, was chased and scolded to the elevator by his impulsive colleagues.
Yang heard that after he left, the dining room also happened to drop a glass of wine hit the table, the situation of touching female colleagues, and even called the police.
Jinkou Yuyan noted that the message was sent in the “2020 campus recruitment of new employees” group.
Some netizens disclosed that the incident happened in a bank of Xiamen International Bank in Beijing.
Jinkou entertainment comparison found that the head of Yang in the screenshot is consistent with the real name of Yang in a workplace website. According to the website, Yang’s status is “on duty” and his unit is Beijing Branch of Xiamen International Bank Co., Ltd.
Jinkou Yuyan noted that the screenshots were forwarded 12000 times and more than 6000 comments were made after the microblog was disclosed. Netizens also talked about it.
@Big eye Bole: these greasy thinking of the middle-aged and the elderly still stay in decades ago, so we can still expect them to keep pace with the times and promote the development of the country? Expect him to be a good leader? Check it and finish class as soon as possible!
@Mr. Han, who has a cat at home: public funds are used to eat and drink under the environment of calling for economy.
@Lei Wulong Tian: many people of that generation didn’t even line up when they went out. They became very seniority oriented when they came to the wine table. They also called them “rules” and “eyesight”. Please save some food for the country
@I’m not a humble brother: at the dinner party of the sub branch, Pangu seven stars drank too much, and asked the eight regulations of the Discipline Inspection Commission whether it was regulated or not?
@The seed of our happiness: the disgusting so-called wine culture, the most vulgar and backward behavior. I think high-quality people will be better.
@There is a word in time to say: the leadership is not correct, bring out a stick of crooked goods, really should that sentence, the IQ of people in the group dropped seriously.
@This kind of wine table culture is to test subordinates’ bullying and obedience. I hope that the post-90s and post-00s can make the culture of drinking and drinking table disappear.
This afternoon, Jinkou Yuyan contacted the official microblog of Xiamen International Bank to verify the matter. As of the time of publication, no reply was received.