The man threw his wife off the bridge

9月 4, 2020 佛山桑拿

It’s very common for lovers to quarrel. Some things will pass in the past. If you can’t get over it, you can get together. But recently such a thing happened.
On September 3, this year, in Yiliang County, Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, someone reported to the police that a woman was found lying prone on the beach under a bridge. She looked seriously injured and had a lot of blood around her. Her leg was suspected to be fractured and could not stretch straight.
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According to witnesses: at that time, it seemed that a couple of lovers were quarrelling because of their emotional problems. After a while, the man threw his girlfriend down from a ten meter high bridge. The ground was covered with stones, and normal people did not dare to lie on it. It’s cruel. She didn’t move after she fell. No one dared to move her.
A video was taken at the scene. The video showed that the woman was lying on the beach, motionless, and her life and death were unknown. The police were carrying out rescue.