The Forbidden City, 600 years old

9月 10, 2020 佛山桑拿

There is a color in the 600 years of a city. It spans 600 years, but it has a long history. The 600 year exhibition of the Forbidden City has finally come! The exhibition, entitled “Danchen YONGGU: 600 years of the Forbidden City”, will be opened in the meridian Hall of the Palace Museum from September 10 to November 15. Breaking the barrier of time and space, looking back over 600 years, what transformation and condensation have time precipitated? Let’s meet at the Palace Museum to see the Forbidden City of Hualiu new city, the Forbidden City
How to watch the exhibition?
According to the Palace Museum, “Dan Chen YONGGU: the Forbidden City has been built for 600 years” does not sell tickets separately. You are advised to book tickets online in advance. Please refer to the official website of the Palace Museum for details.
Don’t feel sorry if you haven’t bought a ticket!
6:00-14:00, September 10
CCTV news will start 8-hour live broadcast
Take you to the Forbidden City
Special guests interpret for you
Buildings, collections and characters in the Forbidden City
600 years of the Forbidden City
Like old at first sight
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