Luo Yonghao paid back 400 million yuan

9月 24, 2020 佛山桑拿

Stationmaster’s house( )September 23 news: since the beginning of this year, Luo Yonghao, who has been burdened with debts, has been making money and paying off debts. For example, he has been selling goods live and participating in the variety show of talk show conference.
According to the content of a video released by the official micro blog of talk show today, Luo Yonghao said in the program that he owed 600 million yuan of debt, and has paid 400 million yuan of debt so far. He also predicted that if there were no accidents, it would be almost paid off in the next year. Interestingly, Luo Yonghao also joked that he wanted to shoot “zhenhuanzhuan” after paying off the debt.
In the program, Luo Yonghao’s performance is quite brilliant, won a lot of applause from the audience. For example, he humorously said that his wife was in a bad mood after learning from the news that he was in debt of 600 million yuan and said, “we should go to the United States, and we won’t come back in the future.”. Luo Yonghao replied, “I’m very annoyed at the moment, and I’m not in the mood to talk about buying Apple. Let’s take a little time and talk about it after this, OK?”
It is worth mentioning that Luo Yonghao explained in his microblog that the part owed to the bank, less than 100 million yuan, has been paid off.
On September 4, 2019, Danyang people’s court imposed a consumption restriction order on Luo Yonghao; on April 2, 2020, Chaoyang District People’s Court of Beijing issued a consumption restriction order to Luo Yonghao, which was listed in the dishonest list.
In November 2019, Luo Yonghao said to the outside world that since the business crisis occurred in the second half of 2018, hammer technology has a maximum debt of about 600 million yuan. He has also signed more than 100 million yuan of personal non liability guarantee. In the past 10 months, he has paid off about 300 million yuan of company debt, and he has also paid back tens of millions of individuals. At that time, he promised to pay off all the debts in a certain period of time in the future. Even if the company was completely shut down due to force majeure, he would also pay off all the debts in the way of “performing arts”.
Now, Luo Yonghao said that the debt of 600 million yuan has been paid off more than 400 million yuan. It seems that it is not far from the realization of debt repayment.