24 more livable planets

10月 9, 2020 佛山桑拿

Since the exploration of the universe
Looking for a planet suitable for human existence
So in the vast universe
Except for the earth
Is there any planet suitable for human habitation?
Recently, researchers have come up with the answer
They think
The earth is not necessarily the most livable planet in the universe
There are 24 planets outside the solar system
Maybe more than the earth
It is more suitable for living things
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Dirk Schulze markuch, a professor at Washington State University and Berlin University of technology, led the research. He worked with Max Planck Institute of solar system in Germany and astronomers at Villanova University in the United States to determine the “super livable” criteria, such as planet age, mass, volume, surface temperature, presence of water, distance from stars, etc.
They eventually selected 24 “super habitable” planets from 4500 known exoplanets. However, no planet can meet all the “super livable” conditions, but generally can meet four conditions, which means that life may be more comfortable there than on earth.
(network map)
The team recently published an article in the American Journal astrobiology, detailing these “super habitable” planets more than 100 light-years from earth. Some of them are older, slightly larger, warmer, and possibly wetter than Earth. They revolve around stars that live longer and change more slowly than the sun, making it possible for life to grow on these planets.
(NASA announced on February 26, 2014 that the Kepler space telescope mission team has confirmed the existence of 715 extrasolar planets. This is a newly confirmed concept map of planetary motion provided by NASA. Xinhua / AP)
It is worth mentioning that
The so-called livability does not mean
There must be life on these planets
Only the conditions for them
It helps the growth of life
“It’s important to choose a target, and we have to focus on some of the planets that have the best conditions for complex life,” Schulze makuch said. But we have to be careful not to be obsessed with finding a second earth, because there may be planets that are more suitable for life than our own.
(this is a conceptual map of the earth (left) and the extrasolar planet kepler-452b, released by NASA on July 23, 2015. Xinhua / AFP)
Many netizens asked questions
How to move to a new planet
Is it expensive to move?
Some netizens said that
Or less research on other planets
Protecting the earth is the business
Man can really find it for himself
A second home or more?
Maybe it’s because there are so many unknowns
Constantly arousing human curiosity
It is the driving force of this exploration
To uncover the vast universe
Endless mystery