Official response to sack money

10月 24, 2020 佛山桑拿

In view of the fact that the villagers at the site of relocation compensation put the compensation money in hand bags and gunny bags, the Propaganda Department of Lianchi District, Baoding City, Hebei Province reported the turbulent news on the afternoon of October 23 (), and the compensation money could be transferred to the villagers’ bank cards, and some villagers proposed to receive cash. He said that the payment is Shenzhen Park demolition compensation, a total of 338 households have been issued.
According to a video broadcast on the Internet, villagers lined up to collect cash with hand bags or sacks. Some villagers packed several bags, and the scene was very lively. This triggered heated discussion, and some netizens asked, “why not transfer money directly from the bank? This is more convenient. “. Video capture
The above-mentioned serious person sent a written report on the incident to the turbulent news. According to the report, on October 22, all 338 households in Dongyaozhuang, Lianchi District, Baoding city signed a contract, marking a crucial step in the reform of villages in the city.
According to the boiling point video reported on October 22, a love affair official in Lianchi District of Baoding City, Hebei Province, claimed that the compensation was made on a per capita basis, with a person of 400000.
According to the official website of Baoding Municipal People’s authority on September 3, Lianchi district Party committee and district authorities established a leading group for the reform of urban villages, with eight special classes under it. All district level leaders and relevant leaders directly under the district will work together with the village level to arrange the operation mode, fund-raising channels, demolition and placement of urban villages. It is mentioned in the article that Shenzhen garden, wumazhuang, Donghu District, old residential area reform and promotion, and urban village reform are regarded as touchstones to review the speed, quality and handling of Lianchi.