6.79 million villas start shooting at 1 yuan

10月 26, 2020 佛山桑拿

On October 23, Ali auction platform hung a set of special villas auction house.
This villa is located in Wangfu garden, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City.
Wangfuyayuan is located in a good location. In the south of the community, it is adjacent to the commercial square of Haigang city; on the west side of the community is Tiantong South Road, which can be directly connected to Yinzhou central city.
This is a townhouse, built in 2015. It has a rough, east facing south, 4 floors above the ground, with attic on the top and courtyard on the south. It is currently vacant.
The certified building area is 258.93 square meters, including 185.46 square meters for residential buildings and 73.47 square meters for garages. The land use right covers an area of 232.72 square meters.
The market valuation given by the appraisal company is 6.79 million yuan. The unit price is 26224 yuan / m2.
But the starting price of this set of townhouses was set at 1 yuan!
It should be noted that the auction deposit of this villa needs 1.36 million yuan!
According to the criminal judgment published by the court, the villa owner was arrested according to law in 2018 on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits. The public prosecution organ accused him of illegally absorbing more than 160 million yuan from more than 200 people with high interest returns as bait, and more than 100 million yuan was not cashed.
According to the “Zhejiang province court criminal cases related property network judicial auction work procedures”, since June this year, criminal cases related property online auction, all implement the bidding rules of one yuan auction, the higher price.
The first set of auction houses involving criminal law in Ningbo, whose starting price was set at 1 yuan, is located in Huating District, Dongdu, which is only a century avenue away from the eastern new city. The transaction was completed at the end of August this year. At that time, it took 50 rounds, and the final price was 3020001 yuan, which was only 50000 yuan lower than the evaluation price.
Today’s hanging out of the Wangfu garden villa, it is expected that the final transaction price will not be too low.
A second-hand villa with an area of 206.45 square meters and five bedrooms and two halls was sold on the 20th of last month. The total transaction price was as high as 8 million yuan, equivalent to 38571 yuan per square meter.
In addition, the day before yesterday, Ali auction platform also hung a set of Fabai villa in Wangfu Yayuan, which is also 4 floors above the ground, still under decoration, with a construction area of 207.31 square meters.
The market evaluation price of the villa given by the appraisal company is 5.155 million yuan (including 210000 yuan for fixed decoration), equivalent to 24866 yuan per square meter.
The starting price is set at 3.61 million yuan.