Mental appraisal of pregnant women

11月 11, 2020 佛山桑拿

A female psychiatric patient Xiaoyu (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province was pregnant during the closed treatment in the hospital. Guo, a male nursing worker, said it was a voluntary relationship between the two sides. On November 9, after our exclusive report on this issue, it aroused widespread concern in the society. Previously, it was reported that a woman with mental illness was pregnant for no reason during hospitalization, and her family members were arguing about it everywhere. At present, local police have informed Xiaoyu’s family members to go to Shijiazhuang for psychiatric identification on November 11. But Wei county health bureau still no one to contact Xiaoyu’s family, the hospital also refused to provide medical records.
Xiaoyu, wife of Xiaohai (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province, was born in 1997. She was sent to Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital on April 7 this year due to her abnormal behavior, not eating, not talking and sleeping well. She was treated in a closed way for more than three months. After discharge, his family found that Xiaoyu was pregnant. Guo, a male nurse in the hospital, admitted that he had done it, but insisted that it was voluntary. Since the end of August, Xiao Hai’s family members have repeatedly turned to the hospital, the Health Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other departments to discuss their opinions. However, no one paid attention to it all the time and ran into a wall everywhere.
On November 10, Mr. Shi, Xiao Hai’s uncle, told reporters that after the report of “Yanzhao Evening News” on November 9, Weixian Public Security Bureau contacted them and agreed to go to the judicial appraisal center of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the provincial capital, on the morning of November 11 to conduct mental appraisal on Xiaoyu, and then decide whether to formally file a case according to the appraisal results. At the same time, Mr. Shi said that Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital and Weixian health bureau still did not contact them, especially the health and Health Bureau has always been indifferent and prevaricating.
According to Mr. Shi, Xiaoyu spent more than 6000 yuan in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital, but the hospital did not give any receipt or even a white note. In addition, Xiaoyu did not provide the daily list, medicine, diagnosis and medical records of Xiaoyu during hospitalization. When he was discharged from hospital, he only gave a few packets of Western medicine wrapped in yellow paper, so that he could take it according to the doctor’s advice.
Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital charges do not invoice, do not provide patients with medical records and other issues, the reporter repeatedly contacted Wei County Health Bureau Director Zhai, which ignored.