Female anchor Xihu kneeling for marriage

11月 16, 2020 佛山桑拿

With the advent of the network era, the live network industry is developing rapidly. Whether it’s grassroots or celebrities, as long as you have a mobile phone, you have a stage to show yourself. It is true that the live broadcast has made some talented people popular, but it has also produced a lot of chaos. It seems that some people can trample on the bottom line for fame and dignity. For example, this female anchor crawling on her knees beside the West Lake.
West Lake, Hangzhou, November 15, 2020. Some netizens reported that a wonderful female anchor appeared by the broken bridge of the West Lake on the afternoon of the 15th. Outdoor live broadcasting is very common, and the public has seen a lot of exotic flowers, but the wonderful behavior of this female anchor is still unacceptable. According to the video exposed at the scene, the female anchor actually crawled around the tree with her shoe in her mouth. Her strange behavior soon attracted passers-by. Some passers-by think this is too hurt their self-esteem, have advised the female anchor.