Trump or his final appearance

11月 21, 2020 佛山桑拿

He refused to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video as other leaders did.
On the evening of November 20, the 27th APEC informal leaders’ meeting was held by video. U.S. President trump, who has always been uninterested in multilateralism and is now devoting himself to challenging the outcome of the general election, also participated in the meeting “infrequently”, but it is a bit “different” from the picture alone. He refuses to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video images like other leaders.
Agence France Presse said that the video background of all the leaders attending the meeting was the official background of the current APEC provided by the host country. There was a huge green dome of Malaysian Prime Minister’s office in the picture, except for Trump’s background, only the background behind him was beige. A source who arranged for trump to attend the meeting revealed that trump refused to use the official background. This is the second time trump has attended the APEC leaders’ meeting, the last time in 2017. The US side has not released the contents of Trump’s speech to the media for the time being. According to the report, Hu Yishan, an analyst at the Singapore Institute of international affairs, said Trump’s aim was to “appear on the global stage as president.”. “Trump will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate his current presidency for the sake of domestic political interests,” he said
Taiwan’s Lianhe Daily said it was Trump’s first appearance at an international conference since the US election. Since Biden, the Democratic candidate, is expected to win the 2020 presidential election, trump has faded out of public view. But he has refused to admit defeat and devoted all his energy to the legal challenges aimed at turning the tables, but these efforts have largely failed. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said the outgoing trump administration was criticized over the weekend for sending low-level officials to attend a series of leaders’ meetings on East Asian cooperation. “Voice of Germany” said that this may be Trump’s last grand appearance on the international stage after losing to Biden in the election, although trump himself is still trying to overturn the election results.
“This is a rare public appearance since trump lost to his opponent in the election.” Despite Trump’s participation in the meeting, most leaders in the Asia Pacific region expressed the hope that the United States will return to a more multilateral response after Biden takes over from Trump, according to Bloomberg on the 20th. Liu Yongyu, an assistant professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of public policy at the National University of Singapore, said Trump’s attendance was “more symbolic than substantive” because of his lack of interest in the multilateral system. “It’s hard to get other APEC leaders to take seriously what trump said, but they will avoid commenting on the internal affairs of the United States,” Liu said. “Trump wants to show that he is still the president and commander-in-chief of the three services and send the message that he has not lost the election. This has more impact on US domestic politics than on regional or global trade. “
During Trump’s term of office, the issue of relations with Russia has been controversial in China. Russia’s “Daily News” network earlier reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the APEC and G20 summit to be held on the 20th and 21st respectively by video. This will be his last communication with trump. The brief and unclear “Romance” of both sides is coming to an end. Trump is one of the most contradictory US presidents Putin has to face. Trump has always been inconsistent with his words and deeds, while Putin is polite and tries to interact with him as much as possible