Uncover pornographic traps in recruitment websites

11月 23, 2020 佛山桑拿

A reporter from the Beijing News found that many companies were suspected of sexual recruitment, including “intermediaries” who were looking for women for “clients”, or bosses who personally tried to find women in villas, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
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“If you have chest, let me feel it.” On a black business bus near a hotel in Sanyuanqiao, a reporter of Beijing news is being “interviewed”, a 30-year-old man said as he tried to reach out to touch the interviewee as a candidate.
Since this year, netizens in many regions, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have encountered “erotic Recruitment” in boss direct employment. This kind of recruitment information often carries the banner of “assistant to the chairman” and “life assistant”. The description of the job content is simple and vague, and the actual requirement is to provide sexual services.
In early November, the Beijing News reporter applied to more than 20 similar recruitment enterprises in boss direct employment, including “assistant” and “secretary” positions. Seven enterprises obtained further contact with reporters. However, during the interview, a reporter from the Beijing News found that the above-mentioned companies were suspected of engaging in erotic recruitment, including the “intermediary” who specially searched for women for “clients”, some bosses who personally tried in villas and used their hands on the candidates, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
The above-mentioned interview sites are not official company offices. In the secret interview of Beijing News reporter, the interview places required by the recruiter include hotel cafe, private villa and even business “nanny car”.
It’s called recruiting assistant. It’s actually a broker who is hunting for customers
In the first ten days of November, an organization named “World Fortune elite Association” recruited the post of “special assistant of China Rolls Royce club” on the boss direct employment, with salary ranging from 10000 yuan to 15000 yuan per month. Beijing News reporter initiated communication as a candidate.
According to the company introduction on boss direct employment, the “World Fortune elite” is “a comprehensive organization for the lifestyle and family affairs management of high net worth and super rich families in China. It started from the family club in England and has a great reputation for providing services to the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family. In China, it only serves family customers with net assets of more than 100 million yuan per capita.”
The page shows that the work content of “China Rolls Royce Club recruiting special assistant” is “responsible for assisting leaders to carry out relevant Club resources and cooperation affairs, handling public relations, organizing dinners and high-end entrepreneur gatherings, social management and activity research and development, arranging and accompanying conference activities, as well as daily assistant related work