Relatives respond to marriage in secret

11月 25, 2020 佛山桑拿

“The case of female infertility who was beaten to death by her mother-in-law” will open on the 27th. During the public’s waiting for the court session, it was reported that Fang Yangyang, the victim, was married by her mother’s family after her death, and her family also received several thousand yuan “betrothal gifts”. In this regard, Fang Yangyang’s cousin Xie Shulei explained that Yin marriage is a local old custom. In order to make the children not lonely after death, “this thing is done by my uncle. I didn’t take a cent of the money collected. It’s mainly used for aftercare and shopping.”
Yin marriage, also known as ghost marriage, refers to the death of a single man or woman with a female corpse (male corpse), both parties in the name of husband and wife buried together, is an old custom in some areas, has a history of thousands of years. Nowadays, there are still superstitious customs in some rural areas of China.
“We young people don’t understand this very well. It’s mainly operated by our uncle, and we have collected thousands of yuan.” Fang Yangyang’s cousin Xie Shulei said that in the local countryside there is a custom of shady marriage, especially when young people die. When white haired people send black haired people, in order to make their children no longer lonely under the nine springs, they will hold a Yin marriage, which is also a kind of comfort for the dead and a spiritual sustenance for their families.
Xie Shulei said that after Fang Yangyang died, his sick mother was mainly taken care of by Fang Yangyang’s uncle, who was responsible for the affair. As for the thousands of yuan collected, it is also kept by my uncle. “I can’t make it so clear where it is used. The funeral money, the money for gifts and shopping, are usually given to her mother. Thousands of yuan, even in the countryside, can do nothing. Anyway, I didn’t take a cent. It’s not suitable for me to take it. I can’t live with it. “
After the “matchmaking” incident was fermented on the Internet, Xie Shulei said that he had received questions from many media reporters and netizens. He also explained on the Internet. He hoped that everyone would still pay attention to the case of his cousin’s being maltreated to death. As for the “matchmaking” affair, “there are some old customs in the countryside, and the situation at home is more complicated. Long live is better understood.”
According to his introduction, Fang Yangyang’s case of being maltreated and killed was originally scheduled to open on the 27th. If there is any change, the lawyer will get accurate information tomorrow.