Room n chief jailed for 40 years

11月 26, 2020 佛山桑拿

According to Yonhap reported on November 26, the Central District Court of Seoul, South Korea, sentenced Dr. Zhao (his real name is Zhao Zhubin), the main criminal of “room n”, in the first instance and sentenced him to 40 years’ imprisonment. In October, prosecutors demanded that Zhao Zhubin be sentenced to life imprisonment and wear an electronic foot chain for 45 years.
Zhao Zhubin, 25, graduated from the Department of information and communications of a South Korean University of technology, calling himself “Dr. Zhao.”. From May 2019 to February this year, he was suspected of coercing dozens of women to shoot abnormal and indecent videos, and set up chat rooms on encrypted software for paid sharing, earning billions of won. In addition, he also used the spread of indecent video as a threat to instigate an accomplice in sexual assault on underage girls, facing a total of 14 charges.
On March 19, Zhao Zhubin was arrested by police on suspicion of violating the sexual protection law for children and adolescents. On the 25th of March, when he was publicly confessed to the public for his help, he stopped. In October, the prosecution demanded that Zhao Zhubin be sentenced to life imprisonment and wear a 45 year electronic foot chain. Five accomplices who were jointly prosecuted were sentenced to five to 15 years’ imprisonment respectively.
What is the “room n” incident? Since 2018, many criminals in South Korea have lured young women into uploading nude photos or indecent videos through part-time fashion models. Then they threatened to shoot the video of sexual exploitation and share it in the chat room of the instant messaging software telegram for the paid members to watch or download.
In order to avoid the search, the criminals built a number of chat groups in advance, and continued to build and dissolve the chat groups, which were named “room 1” and “room 2” respectively, so they were collectively referred to as “room n”. Among them, the chat group run by Zhao Zhubin is the most rampant, known as “doctor room”.
Dr. Zhao in room n
Dr. Zhao in room n
After the exposure of the “room n” incident, South Korea immediately aroused public anger. In March this year, the Korean President moon Jae in Yin said that the case was a crime of trampling on the victim, instructing the police to investigate the case thoroughly, and to make all the offenders get the punishment they deserve. He promised that the government would delete all videos involved in the case and provide legal and medical support to the victims.
Previously reported:
Suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case
Suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case: juvenile pornographic video in chat room, 260000 people watching live broadcast (source: pear video)
[suspect arrested in South Korea’s room n case ᦇ pornographic video of minors in chat room, 260000 people watching live broadcast] ා 200000 people in South Korea petitioned to disclose information about suspects in room n ා according to South Korean media SBS, the operator of “room n” program was detained on the night of the 19th for threatening minors to shoot video of sexual exploitation and spread it on SNS. According to the police: since 2018, the suspect posted pictures of sexual exploitation in chat rooms for members to watch and collect membership fees, up to 260000 members. At present, more than 200000 people have petitioned to disclose the suspect’s information.
The founder of room n, who was charged with 12 charges and 260000 onlookers, was sentenced indefinitely
According to Yonhap news agency, the founder of “room n” under the pseudonym godod was charged by South Korean prosecutors with 12 charges. South Korean prosecutors asked the court to sentence him to life imprisonment and allow him to wear electronic foot chains and employment restrictions.
It is reported that although the death penalty clause is retained in the criminal law of South Korea, it has not been carried out since 1997, so it has been included in the list of countries that have actually abolished the death penalty. In other words, life imprisonment is the most severe punishment in Korean criminal trial.
The criminal admitted that there were 50 victims
According to overseas network earlier reported, Wen Hengxu is an architecture major college student. Since 2018, he was suspected of creating “room n” chat groups, threatening several underage girls to shoot sexual abuse films and spread them in chat groups to obtain illegal gains. The parents of three of the victims tried to call the police but were threatened by Wen Hengxu.
On May 13, South Korean police decided to disclose his personal information and photos.
South Korea’s n-homeowner jailed for 40 years: forcing dozens of women to shoot sexual exploitation videos
On May 18, Wen Hengxu was publicly exposed by South Korean police (source: News 1)
On May 18, Wen Hengxu was publicly displayed. On that day, he appeared in front of the media in black without a mask and hat. He said he apologized to the victims and said his previous sexual beliefs were wrong.
When asked whether all the victims were 50, he replied “yes”. At the scene, the public angrily denounced Wen Hengxu: “go to hell!” “Murderer!”
Before his arrest, Wen was studying in a university in dao’an City, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He was about to graduate in a year. He was busy preparing his graduation work. However, in April this year, he suddenly applied to his tutor to suspend school because of his “personal situation”, which was not long before Dr. Zhao was arrested in “room n”.
His classmates evaluated him as “down-to-earth” and “not in trouble”
When the identity of the founder of “room n” was announced, the students around him were greatly surprised. They said that Wen Hengxu was gentle in appearance and introverted. He didn’t talk much at ordinary times. He didn’t like to participate in community activities or make trouble.
“Down to earth, ordinary architecture students.” Another said.
“Not socializing.” “No trouble.” “Quiet and timid, is the kind of ordinary people who have one in every class.” This is the evaluation of his classmates around him. He also worked as a social worker in child care institutions in 2017. In October last year, he was praised by teachers and students for his conscientiousness in publishing his paper