A couple diagnosed in Chengdu

12月 8, 2020 佛山桑拿

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released official news in Sichuan. On the evening of December 7th, the Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control in Chengdu to inform Chengdu of the official account of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation.
At the conference, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Zong Zhiyong, Minister of infection management and West China Hospital, West China Hospital, Sichuan University. At present, the case is 1, 69 years old, female, and the condition is heavier. CT suggests that the lesions are developing. The group of patients has met the standard of severe coronavirus pneumonia by the provincial and municipal experts group. The patient is a new crown heavy type. Treatment: comprehensive treatment including oxygen therapy is being carried out. The treatment group is actively treating and closely observing the patient. This is the case of the first patient.
The second patient, 71 years old, is the husband of the first patient. At present, the patient has no symptoms, but CT shows that the patient has viral pneumonia, which is in line with the common type of new coronary pneumonia. Although the patient has no symptoms at present, its CT manifestations are still more obvious. Therefore, it is not ruled out that this patient has the possibility of change. At present, he is also in public health of Chengdu City The clinical medical center for health isolation treatment, also in close observation and comprehensive treatment.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia leader of Sichuan provincial health and Health Committee, head of the disease prevention and control group of Sichuan, Zhu Xiaoping, chief physician of health and health in Guangdong Province, said the reason is being tested.
First of all, we have now carried out a systematic epidemiological survey of the patient’s onset, treatment and epidemiological history.
Second, the provincial and urban joint expert group, combined with epidemiological investigation, tracked the activity track according to big data. The track of case 1 (female) should be said to be relatively limited, and she is mainly near her home. The track of case 2 (male) is complicated and is now under investigation and verification.
Third, we have carried out the investigation and tracking of the close contacts of patients and close contacts of close contacts, and we have also carried out sampling of these close contacts.
Fourth, we sampled the environment of the case. Seven positive results were detected from the patient’s home. The seven positive results were positive for the door handle, switch, some food in the refrigerator, and the chopping board, indicating that the patient’s home was seriously polluted.
Fifthly, we are now speeding up the gene sequencing of the case samples to explore the source of this strain from the sequencing results. We all know that the traceability work is a very complex process, which needs a certain period of time. We need to integrate some of the above results and conduct comprehensive analysis to get the conclusion. Once there are new discoveries or results, we will report them in time.