Trump seeks refuge in Russia

12月 13, 2020 佛山桑拿

Since trump took office, many netizens have called him “chuanjianguo”. Interestingly, according to recent reports from us and Russian media, trump also has a similar nickname in Russia.
On December 9, business insider and other U.S. media reported that on a program of “channel 1” in Russia’s official media, Olga skabieva said that some people in Russia had analyzed that trump might seek asylum from Russia in order to avoid the prosecution in the United States after the end of his presidency.
“This is no joke. The situation is very serious at present,” she stressed. She also said that some Russian members of Parliament, experts and authorities have similar views.
However, she did not provide other evidence for her comments. Before that, Ivanka, Trump’s eldest daughter, had bought an industry in Florida, and some analysts believe that trump will settle down here after he leaves office.
Compared with speculation about Trump’s future plans, another highlight of the program is that she “officially announced” trump’s nicknames in Russia.
According to the author, the most famous of these nicknames is “Comrade trump”. The Russian label of the nickname “ාоварme щтра мп” was once on the hot search list of social media such as twitter in Russia. Similar to the term “chuanjianguo”, some mischievous Russian netizens began to use it to ridicule some of Trump’s policies and speeches towards Russia since April this year.
On July 2, the “Lincoln plan”, which was made up of Republicans who were dissatisfied with trump, also made the Russian netizens, a nickname with the nature of jokes, into a propaganda video attacking trump.
This video, with music and pictures of various Soviet and Russian painting styles, criticizes Trump’s policy of “trump first, Russian interests second, and the United States last” in a very ironic tone. After the video was sent out, in addition to affecting the perception of trump by many American centrist voters, the controversy caused by the video was also watched by Russian netizens watching jokes for a long time, which made the nickname of “Comrade trump” further “out of the circle”.
By contrast, Trump’s other nickname, trump, is slightly lower, but the history of “going out” seems to be earlier. As early as 2017, Amy Rotman, a media person who wrote Soviet and Russian press releases for the Wall Street Journal and other foreign media, once tweeted: “when Russians are interested in something, they tend to use nicknames to express themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, “trump Sha” was officially born!
As for what is called “trump”, a more commonly accepted saying is that the spelling of Trump’s name is very close to the English spelling “Tramp” of Russian native names. So Trump’s name has been “localized” by nickname of Russian network.
In addition, trump nicknames mentioned by foreign media also include “our Donald”. According to the author’s review, these nicknames of trump have quite a large number of citation groups on major social media, and the number of speeches is estimated to be no less than that of our country playing “chuanjianguo”.
It seems that netizens from China and Russia and other countries have a common topic on the issue of “nickname”.