Online live broadcast of Su Yuan case

12月 16, 2020 佛山桑拿

Zhao doushun (also translated as Zhao Douchun), the criminal prototype of sexual violence against children in the Korean film Suyuan, has been surrounded by crowds for several days since his release from prison. However, at the beginning, the protest under the banner of anti sexual violence has become a farce by more and more Internet celebrities who have been rubbing hot spots and launching live broadcast. At present, eight people have been put on file for investigation in front of Zhao doushun’s house.
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Driven by the landlord, the wife of the criminal in the “Suyuan case” refused to move, and other tenants living on the same floor felt uneasy
Zhao Douchun, a criminal in the Suyuan case, was released from prison on the 12th and moved into the house his wife rented in mid November, South Korea’s Central Daily reported. After learning that the tenant turned out to be Zhao Douchun’s family, the landlord recently issued an order to move, but Zhao Douchun’s wife refused to move, saying that she had “no place to go”.
In November this year, Zhao Douchun’s wife entrusted acquaintances to rent a two bedroom 66 square meter room with living room, toilet and kitchen for two years.
However, when he learned that the tenant was Zhao Douchun’s family, the landlord gave an order to move. He said that the other tenants living in a building felt uneasy, and some people had to move, so they had to ask Zhao Douchun’s wife to find another place to live.
However, Zhao Douchun’s wife refused to move out on the ground that there was no place to go. The real estate agent nearby also said that the lease contract had been signed and the landlord could not drive them away.
On the night of his release from prison, Zhao Douchun used a flashlight to observe the protestors downstairs
Zhao Douchun was released from prison on the 12th. For several consecutive days, hundreds of we media bloggers and popular viewers gathered at the bottom of Zhao Douchun’s house to watch, take pictures and yell at them. The residents nearby were unable to be bothered by him and called the police for help. According to the latest news, at present, the police have blocked the main road leading to Zhao Douchun’s house, forbidding outsiders to enter at will.
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“Suyuan case” prototype criminals out of prison lead to carnival? The “net red disease” is cured!
After Zhao Douchun, the prototype criminal of the Suyuan case, was released from prison, the South Korean people were angry, but the online popularity was high. First, a fashion designer launched a hoodie with his face on it, and then a group of video bloggers flocked to his door to “live broadcast”, or wildly whistle, play the national anthem, or honk the horn in the middle of the night and shout “come out to apologize” According to statistics, similar videos have soared to more than 40 on YouTube. The residents in the vicinity complained to the police for many times.
Many people are familiar with the film “Suyuan”. The villain in the play reaches out to children with black hands. The cruel plot is a nightmare for many people. Now that the prototype criminals are out of prison, the anger and anxiety of nearby residents can be imagined. However, the netizens rush in and shoot all kinds of concave shapes in front of their homes. The “star chasing” Carnival is astonishing. In essence, it is not so much “calling for justice”, but actually selling anger, which is like a fly chasing the stink. Not to mention that it will interfere with the normal life of nearby residents, but more importantly, the loud and boastful “bundling marketing” will not only disperse the serious theme of “protecting minors”, but also dispel people’s deep reflection on “how to avoid the occurrence of similar tragedies”.
Through this farce, we can also see that the appreciation of ugliness is becoming a cross-border “cyber red culture disease”. On youtube, some people filmed the killing of animals, while others broadcast the “girlfriend’s death diary.”. Even more speechless, novel coronavirus imitating makeup was launched by the beauty bloggers during the epidemic. In the final analysis, the twisted logic of flow supremacy is still at work. As the saying goes, “attention is money”, the rapid arrival of the era of short video has made this “transmission of Scripture” more brilliant. Regardless of which group, as long as someone pays for the content of “shaking” and “broadcasting”, you can “earn money every minute”. Under the great temptation of real gold and silver, some people’s pursuit of traffic has become more and more morbid. It seems that as long as the click through rate can be increased and the amount of broadcast can be increased, public order, good customs, right and wrong, beauty and ugliness can be forgotten.
Heat is flow and flow is value, which is the logic of online Red economy. But also to see, not what heat can rub, what flow can be pursued. For the sake of fire and profit, constantly breaking through the bottom line and corrupting the Three Outlooks is to “indulge evil” and encourage the unhealthy tendencies and evils of the whole society. In this sense, we must pay attention to and be vigilant against this “cultural cancer” in the Internet red world. As the entrance of traffic, the major video platforms should first assume the responsibility of checking, and block the Internet Celebrities catering to the “bad taste”. In addition, the supervision force of the online platform should be responsible at all times. The audience should also hold a rational and sober mind and “say no” to the poor flow, so that the “Stinky red is also red” business has lost its survival soil.
There is no “original sin” in the rise of online popularity, and the key is to open it in a positive way. In order to protect the society and every one of us, we should build a “firewall” with law and morality and create a kind of “Internet red culture” with vitality.