New crown youth before death spurt blood

12月 21, 2020 佛山桑拿

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a nurse, failed to avoid his son’s infection with the new crown pneumonia and watched him die. A woman in the United States shared a group of photos on social media on 18 th day. It was the scene of red blood from her lungs when her son was rescued from the end of his life, calling on the American people to take the epidemic seriously.
The nurse’s mother, Stephanie frank, lives with her 13-year-old son Peyton baumgas in St. Louis, Missouri, the report said.
In October 25th, two novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed by mother and child.
On October 29, Stephanie found that Peyton’s symptoms worsened, she was extremely tired, she was too short of breath to communicate with others, and her fingernails and toenails began to turn green. She immediately sent Peyton to a nearby children’s hospital. Peyton, who had a history of asthma and thyroid problems, arrived at the hospital very weak and asked for a wheelchair.
After that, Peyton was taken to the emergency room and examined, and it was found that his oxygen saturation had dropped to 44%.
Stephanie said that she has been a nurse for so many years, she has never seen people who can walk and speak normally when their blood oxygen saturation reaches this level. Normal people are between 95% and 100%.
About an hour later, doctors in the emergency room equipped Peyton with respirators and ECMO. The condition was slightly relieved and stable, and was transferred to the ICU for observation.
Although her son was still in a coma, her condition did not continue to worsen, and Stephanie’s heart was slightly relieved.
Unexpectedly, on October 31, Peyton’s condition suddenly deteriorated rapidly, his breath and pulse were very weak, and his oxygen saturation reached a very low level. “He coughed very badly, and his chest began to bleed.”. Stephanie said that when doctors replaced the ECMO catheter inserted in the neck for his son, the accumulated blood was sprayed directly onto the walls, beds and various instruments.
She added, “the doctors’ gowns are full of blood, but they continue to work.”
Stephanie, who was also infected with the disease, was not allowed to enter the ICU, but the hospital allowed her to accompany her on the basis of family relationship. So Stephanie watched four doctors and ten nurses fight for an hour and 15 minutes to save her son’s life, but she was still unable to recover.
Stephanie said she never thought her son would never be able to step out of the hospital again.
Stephanie admitted that novel coronavirus pneumonia and childhood illness were so serious that she had not heard that the children and adolescents were so frightened that she was frightened by the whole situation. “I can hardly describe this sudden and devastating loss.”
But while Stephanie was still in the agony of losing her son, her sister Cindy Crawford was diagnosed the week before Thanksgiving and died on December 7.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Stephanie said, is like a tear that he has been torn to. He shared the shocking photos of his son before he died. He called on the American people to take seriously the epidemic situation. We hope that you will conscientiously abide by the guidelines given by the health department, and stop thinking that the new crown pneumonia is a fake news or political issue, and do not consider it a common influenza.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States, and 17589590 cases were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia at 16:27 am 19, 17589590 cases were reported. Compared with 24 hours ago, there were 213830 new confirmed cases and 2452 new deaths in the United States.