Hong Kong Celebrity falls dead holding her daughter

1月 7, 2021 佛山站鸡

On January 7, Hong Kong media reported that Hong Kong Celebrity Luo Lili committed suicide by jumping off a building with a baby in her arms at 4 pm on January 6.
At 4:50 p.m. that day, security personnel heard a loud noise, and then found a woman with a baby falling from block 3 of Junyi peak. They immediately called the police and found the place where they fell.
After the medical staff arrived at the scene, they confirmed that the victim and the baby had lost their vital signs and died on the spot.
When she was found, she had no clothes to cover her body and was naked. Moreover, due to the violent impact on her when she fell from the building, her body was beyond recognition and blurred in many places.
And at the scene did not find a suicide note and other identification documents, after a police investigation, mastered the identity of the dead. As no suicide note was found at the scene, police are investigating the details of the incident and the cause of death.
It is reported that the deceased is Luo Lili, 34, the only daughter of Luo Lin, chairman of Jinlin real estate, a real estate company in Chengdu. My daughter is only five months old.
Luo Lili went from Chengdu to Hong Kong at the age of 4, to Australia at the age of 11, and to the United States at the age of 14. At the age of 28, she started her own business. Compared with the rich second generation, she preferred to call herself the “creative second generation”.
Mother is a self-made, successful woman, father six generations of Chinese medicine family. In the relevant software, we can find that the market value of the company has exceeded 100 million.
Luo Lili follows her mother’s surname. Her parents divorced early when she was a child. She admits that her parents’ divorce has little effect on her.
Luo Lili likes children very much. Since she became pregnant, she has often shared the latest situation on social platforms, saying that her daughter is a gift from God, which makes her life full of goals and reveals her expectation for her daughter’s birth.
But she never made her father public. She once wrote “single moms, let’s unite”, describing herself as a single mother and proud of it.
Because of the positive attitude towards life, my friends were shocked when they heard about it.
After the investigation, the police found that the cause of death may be postpartum depression. Many female stars in the entertainment industry have also faced this situation after giving birth to their children.
Not long ago, Xi Mengyao revealed in the variety show that she had emotional problems after production and often felt that she was not needed.
After giving birth to her baby, Zhang Ziyi also had dyspnea due to excessive anxiety. Fortunately, she always sought the help of a psychologist in time.
He Jie once said in the program that she felt that she was nothing after production and that the whole world had abandoned her.
I hope that all women who have given birth to their babies can see a doctor in time when they find their psychological problems, seek help from professionals, and communicate with people around them in time, so as to remind everyone to cherish their lives.