What should Secretary Lu do

1月 17, 2021 佛山站鸡

Dalian “street cadres do not cooperate with epidemic prevention registration also call Secretary Lu to coordinate” incident, the street cadres and Secretary Lu were punished. According to relevant circulars, the street cadres involved are Wang Chenming, deputy director of Dalian Friendship sub district office, and Secretary Lu is deputy secretary of the community Party committee under the sub district. They are superior and subordinate. The topic of “if you are Secretary Lu, what should you do?” has caused a heated discussion.
Some netizens think that this is a difficult question to answer: if you refuse director Wang, you will offend others and easily be “put on small shoes”; if you give leaders “an opening”, you will also be punished. Some netizens gave suggestions and discussed the “best of both worlds” method. For example, they told the volunteers that this is director Wang of the street office. I have her information here, and I will report it to you by phone. For example, they rushed to the scene to help the leaders register. At the same time, they also wanted to thank the volunteers for adhering to the principle. They were very relieved that the community had them. Some even joked that when Secretary Lu answered the phone, he could say, “Hello, I can’t hear you. I have no signal here.”.
The heated discussion on “what should Secretary Lu do?” reflects that it is really difficult for grass-roots staff to turn down their faces and refuse requests from others, especially from leaders. But hot discussion is hot discussion, and ridicule is ridicule. In this answer, the principle should not be vague and the bottom line should not be lost! In the face of the non-conforming requests and requests from the superior leaders, Secretary Lu should just refuse and persuade the leaders to register according to the requirements instead of letting the volunteers release them. This is a matter of principle and there is no flexibility. You rushed to the scene today to deal with it. You helped the leader to register. You lied that your mobile phone had no signal. What about tomorrow and next time? It’s not the way to get round and avoid. When persuading leaders, the attitude must be clear – leaders, if you say hello to do according to the requirements, we are in violation of discipline!
There is no fuzzy zone in the process of boycotting illegal requests, otherwise something will happen sooner or later. For secretary Lu, this time it’s a greeting for you to simply register and let go. You’ve made it through. Next time the leader asks you to use public funds to help her claim personal expenses, do you still feel embarrassed? It is not that there are no such cases in reality. He Bingrong, the former member of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal Party committee of Zhejiang Province, has repeatedly asked his subordinates to buy 1470 bottles of high-end drinks with public funds; Qin Jie, the former deputy general manager of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd., arranged his subordinates to take state-owned assets for purchasing golf membership cards. It is clear that it is against discipline and law to follow such “instructions”. Fan Yonggang, former deputy director of Ning County Public Security Bureau of Qingyang City, Gansu Province, was sentenced for passing on and executing the higher-level leaders’ illegal cancellation of criminal case filing order and indulging in crime. The lesson can be said to be very profound. We should stick to the principle and never lose the big for the small.
The argument of “Secretary Lu is in a dilemma” also reflects that there is still a lot of soil space for the existence of Relationism and hidden rules in the society. Some people think that greeting is useful and finding a relationship is feasible. They unconsciously coerce the victims into acquiescents or even promoters of unhealthy tendencies. In fact, you may benefit from such hidden rules for a while, but in the long run, everyone will be the victim of destroying fairness and justice. Therefore, even if it seems that it is not easy to say hello to the leaders, we have to firmly do it for ourselves and for the social environment. If every “Secretary Lu” dares to say “no” to the hidden rules and the science of relations, and everyone works together to make clear the rules and build a healthy atmosphere, I believe that the question “what should Secretary Lu do” will be answered better and better.
Discussion is also a process of consensus formation. The heated discussion on what Secretary Lu should do is like a lively education lesson. Among them, there are criticisms on the privilege of Party members and cadres, praise for the persistence of volunteers, suggestions on the improvement of epidemic prevention registration measures, and whether it can be more information-based and intelligent. More people have learned from Secretary Lu’s vivid cases and strengthened their confidence in saying No: “sorry, leader, we all have to listen to the rules in this matter. I can’t make myself the next Secretary Lu.”