Samsung leader arrested in court

1月 18, 2021 佛山站鸡

Overseas network, January 18 (Xinhua) according to Yonhap news agency, on the afternoon of 18 local time, the Seoul High Court of South Korea sentenced Lee Zairong to two years and six months’ imprisonment in the second instance of the case of “cronies interfering in politics”, and Lee Zairong was arrested in court. The prosecution had asked for a nine-year sentence. Li Zairong, 52, is the vice president of Samsung Electronics and the actual head of SamSung group.
According to the prosecution’s allegation, in February 2017, Li Zairong was suspected of offering bribes to former South Korean presidents Park Geun hye and Cui shunshi to help them inherit the management rights, with the amount of bribes as high as 29.8 billion won (about 175 million yuan).
The court of first instance found Li Zairong guilty of bribery and sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment, while the court of Second Instance sentenced him to two and a half years’ imprisonment and four years’ probation. Li was released in court. In August 2019, the Supreme Court of South Korea, in its final judgment, rescinded the judgments made by the court of second instance against Li Zairong and other people involved in the case, park Geun hye and Choi shunshi, and sent the case back to the high court for retrial