The man was asked to apologize to the dog

1月 22, 2021 佛山站鸡

On January 20, 2021, some media reported that Mr. Qin, a citizen, responded to them that he was frightened by a dog without a leash, but the owner of the dog asked him to apologize to the dog.
On the afternoon of the incident, Mr. Qin came home from work. On the way, he met a man and a woman walking the dog, but one of them was not tied with a dog rope. When he was about to get home, the dog without a leash ran to Mr. Qin. For fear of being bitten by the dog, he subconsciously drove him out with his feet.
However, to Mr. Qin’s surprise, the dog walker stopped him, claimed that Mr. Qin had scared his dog and asked him to apologize to the dog. After hearing this, Mr. Qin felt very insulting. Later, the two sides had a dispute. The dog walker was very emotional, and then he wanted to raise his hand to hit people, threatened and intimidated him. Then he spat on Mr. Qin’s face, and the unbearable Mr. Qin spat on the dog walker. The contradiction between the two sides escalated.
The dog walker turned around and hit Mr. Qin. The two faced each other. During this period, Mr. Qin was pressed on the ground all the time. The woman who accompanied the dog walker rushed up and kicked him three times. After a while, a community owner passed by, trying to persuade, but did not stop, the two continued to fight. At this time, the dog walking woman stepped forward again and kicked Mr. Qin four feet.
Three minutes later, with more and more owners passing by, the security guard and the person in charge of the property also rushed to the scene, and the two sides were dissuaded. Afterwards, Mr. Qin called the police, and both sides were taken to the police station to make a record.
Three months after the incident, the police investigation found that the two sides had a fight over the issue of walking the dog, causing Mr. Qin and Li, the man walking the dog, to be injured to varying degrees. The result of the police’s treatment was that Mr. Qin beat others, the violation was minor, and he was sentenced to administrative detention for three days. Li, the man walking the dog, beat others. If the violation is general, he will be detained for eight days and fined 500 yuan. If a woman who walks her dog beats others, if the violation is general, she shall be detained for five days and fined 500 yuan.
It can be seen from the surveillance video on the same day that Mr. Qin met two dog walkers on his way home. After seeing the dog, Mr. Qin stopped many times to watch the dog’s movements. Unexpectedly, a dog suddenly rushed over. Mr. Qin subconsciously raised his foot to drive him away, but didn’t kick the dog.
After the punishment result was issued, Mr. Qin thought it was unreasonable. He thought his behavior should belong to self-defense. In this regard, the police said that the punishment was made in accordance with the relevant provisions. If they are dissatisfied, they can apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit.
On the morning of January 20, Li, the man walking the dog, responded to the incident, saying that on that day, they walked the dog normally and did not carry out aggressive behavior. Mr. Qin raised his foot to scare the dog. As for Mr. Qin’s apology to the dog, Mr. Li denied it.
It is understood that Mr. Qin suffered from ankylosing spondylitis 14 years ago. He said that he has maintained well over the years. After this time, his old disease recurred acutely. Up to now, Mr. Qin has spent more than 20000 yuan in hospital treatment. He once confessed that he had demanded 50000 yuan compensation from the other party during the police mediation, but the two sides did not reach a settlement.
Li, a dog walker, believes that in a normal fight, he did not ask for compensation of 50000 yuan without injury. At present, Mr. Qin has initiated administrative reconsideration.