Xichang confirmed the death

1月 23, 2021 佛山站鸡

On the evening of January 21, 2021, “Mocha official”, the up owner of station B, who was born in 1998, was reported by netizens that poverty and disease caused death, and rushed to the microblog hot search. The last dynamic of “Mocha official” stayed on December 31, 2020. He said, “however, I am still lying in the hospital bed, which is very impressive.”. Before his death, he once made a news that “since childhood, most of them didn’t eat dumplings in the winter solstice” and “they wanted to eat strawberries, but they were too expensive”, which made Netizens feel sad.
On the evening of January 22, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Huili County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, confirmed: “if the child (Mocha) died about 10 days ago, it was discovered by the landlord, and the family members had been informed. The body had been cremated, and the mother would deal with it later.”
I’d like to have black tea with strawberries
The first video of mocha in station B, released on February 27, 2020, is about the game. If strictly divided, mocha is a game blogger, although before his death, there were only more than 100 fans. Of Mo Cha’s 95 current trends, 28 are clips of live games, and the remaining 67 are his daily life.
On December 29, 2020, mocha wrote in the news, “I always want to eat strawberries. Recently, I’ve been suffering from illness, so I vomit what I eat, and then I want to eat strawberries. Unfortunately, strawberries are too expensive. ” A week ago, mocha just said, “I’m all eating dumplings, but I haven’t eaten dumplings in the winter solstice since I was a child. I know this custom for the first time.”.
Station B up host @ Yuban Ilyich updates the situation of inked tea in the dynamic. It is understood that they are netizens and friends. As early as August 30, 2020, @ Yuban Ilyich once asked for help for mocha. According to his description, mocha felt unwell a few months ago. When she went to the hospital for examination, she found a tumor in her nasal cavity. The doctor suggested that she be hospitalized and have a pathological examination. However, because of lack of money, mocha did not make a diagnosis and treatment at that time.
When asking for help, the tumor had made Mo Cha difficult to breathe and oppressed his visual nerve. “Kwai Sakyi,” in his help seeking, wrote that ink tea is a low income worker who can not afford to pay for treatment. He hopes to get everyone’s help and let him operate as soon as possible. At that time, some netizens suggested that Mocha open online fund-raising method for treatment, but because Mocha had no money to do the examination, the relevant materials needed for crowdfunding were not enough.
Chen sixu is also a net friend of mocha. They met with the QQ fans of @ Yuban Ilyich. Chen sixu told the new times that in his impression, mocha didn’t speak much. He occasionally spoke in the group, which was also a brief talk about his illness. After learning that he was ill and had no money for treatment and owed the hospital the cost of treatment, the group Friends subsidized him in the name of “borrowing”. The computer he used to edit the video is also a patchwork of computer parts that his friends have eliminated. After Mocha expressed that he wanted to eat strawberries, a group of friends sent him strawberries, but Mocha failed to eat them.
Chen sixu said that from the beginning to the end, Mo tea didn’t want to trouble you too much. In his dynamic, he will forecast his live time of the game, write about his physical condition, and update his daily life: “the small rice cooker bought by pinduoduo has arrived. It’s 20 yuan. I hope it will last longer.” “There are too many mosquitoes to have a good rest.” “I’m back from the fight. I can finally eat. I’m starving.” The picture is a bag of instant noodles