Some trains were shut down for some reason

1月 28, 2021 佛山站鸡

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the idea of returning home is becoming more and more intense. On January 26, many netizens found that they had received SMS tips of “shutdown for some reason”. In this regard, the reporter contacted 12306 customer service staff. According to the train number information provided by the reporter, customer service staff responded that some high-speed trains were stopped due to insufficient passenger flow.
The 2021 Spring Festival transportation is about to start on January 28. According to media reports and local announcements, due to insufficient passenger flow, some high-speed trains and ordinary speed trains have been suspended. According to the reporter’s investigation, in addition to g62 and G191, there are also high-speed railway ticket purchasers ordering g1713, g8032, g6024, g8819 and g8814, all of whom have received the SMS prompt of “shutdown for some reason”. 12306 staff explained that the g62 train will be shut down from January 24 to February 12 because of “insufficient passenger flow”. For the same reason, G191 will be shut down from February 1 to February 15, and g1713 will be shut down from January 22 to February 4.