Hangzhou reality fan shengmei

1月 29, 2021 佛山站鸡

A few days ago, Xiaomei, a girl born in 1996, as a hangpiao, after working for three years, her salary rose to more than 10000 and was squeezed by her family. It is reported that he was asked to buy the latest mobile phone for his mother, while he used the old one that his mother had eliminated. In addition, he was asked to buy all kinds of things for his younger brother who went to university. In October of nineteen, when he was in a bad mood and quarreled with his boyfriend, he went to Qiantang River alone to relax. As a result, he died unexpectedly in high tide. However, after the event, her mother even went to the company where her daughter worked in full make-up to ask for compensation, and the boss of the company paid 60000 yuan for humanitarian compensation. Three days later, his parents went to the company and asked the company to pay 410000 yuan to buy a house for his brother.