Three million gold lost

1月 31, 2021 佛山站鸡

Early in the morning of January 11, 2021, at the gate of a gold shop in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, employee Xiao Zhang opened the heavy security door in front of the gold shop as usual, preparing to start the day’s work. However, as soon as the shutter door was half opened, he was dumbfounded.
“Manager, it’s over, it’s all over…”
The manager of Jindian Road on the other end of the phone looked like earth, “what?! Is there no gold jewelry in the shop? Call the police
When the store manager arrived at the gold store, the police had counted the losses – the security doors and windows were intact, but more than 1400 pieces of gold jewelry worth more than 3 million yuan were missing!
After receiving the alarm, Liaocheng municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to it, and the criminal investigation police immediately launched the investigation.
Feng Menglai, the instructor of the second criminal investigation squadron of Dongchangfu branch of Liaocheng Public Security Bureau, carefully investigated the scene: the security door was intact and there was no sign of being prized. For a moment, the experienced “old criminal policeman” frowned.
If not, where did the suspect get in? Is there another way? With doubts, he began a search in the room, not letting go of any details.
When the case was at a deadlock, he entered the monitoring room of Jindian. He looked up and saw that there was a hole in the ceiling!
Smooth ceiling, there is an oval hole, in the middle of two steel bars, the surrounding dust will fall from time to time.
Police climb on the tripod, found that although the narrow gap is a new hole, but an adult is unable to pass. He waved to his colleagues below and said, “if you look at other places, this should not be the channel used by the suspect.”
Not far from the oval hole, there is a square hole with a certain width, which can probably accommodate a person to pass sideways. The square hole has obvious tool cutting marks.
Check! On the spot, the police made a quick decision to follow the square hole cut by hand. From the dark, invisible passage all the way up, there was light, which led to a vent in the staircase on the second floor.
Through on-the-spot investigation, the police found that the suspect entered the scene from a vent on the second floor staircase, crawled into the ceiling above the gold shop, cut the ceiling and went down to the scene. After a large number of monitoring, the suspect’s track in and out of the scene coincides with his whereabouts.
It’s hard to determine the whereabouts of the thieves after changing trains again and again
Police access to the monitoring screen, a frame by frame, with time constantly changing the scene, “stop!” Li, deputy director of Liaocheng Public Security Bureau, said: “I’m greedy! That’s him
On the screen, a man looks in a hurry, staggers, and carries a heavy backpack on his body.
Director Li found that the suspect entered the crime scene at about 1:30 a.m. and fled from a closed room in a fire passage in the underground parking lot at about 7:04 a.m. Entry and escape are not the same route.
The concrete image, the accurate time, and the means of stealing — tracing has already begun. Strike while the iron is hot. Through video tracking, the police found that after leaving the mall, the suspect first took a taxi and then changed to a tricycle twice after arriving at the railway station.
This change has really caused a lot of trouble to the police. Police on the “gold robber” in the original grasp of the tracking clues, in the vicinity of Tianzhuang bridge suddenly broken.
However, no matter how cunning the fox is, it can’t compete with a good hunter. The police are patient and have launched a further visit and investigation in the place where the suspect finally disappeared.
“Have you ever met a young man, about 30 years old, with a big backpack on his back, who is very heavy at first sight…” While taking out the video, while drawing that “heavy backpack.”. After several explorations, the police finally caught the trace of the suspect again.
Someone provided a clue: the suspect with a backpack appeared in a town 20 miles away. In order to prevent startling, the police immediately arranged personnel to lurk here. But the cunning suspect took another car and appeared in a town 10 kilometers away.
At this moment, the competition is speed. Arrest now! There’s no more room for suspects to escape! Police immediately decided to intercept him.
“Don’t move When the police rushed into the house, the suspect was lying happily in bed, guarding the gold and dreaming.
At eight o’clock in the evening, everything was settled. After only 10 hours, the “gold robber” had been arrested. All the stolen goods hidden in another place by the “gold robber” were also seized.
Stolen gold
Crazy theft, just to fill the huge gambling debt
After investigation, the stolen gold jewelry weighs about 6 kg and has more than 1400 pieces, worth more than 3 million yuan.
The suspect Li confessed that he had participated in the so-called “Macao online gambling” since last year, introduced by his friends. At the beginning, I tried a few, but I didn’t expect to win one after another. As a result, tasted the sweetness of Li slowly infected with the bad habit of gambling.
As the saying goes: long bet no winner. Over a long period of time, he owed millions of gambling debts, and was chased by the creditors into hiding and restless. In order to repay the debt, a little decoration construction technology of Li, then moved the idea of stealing gold shop.
The suspect Li explained that he stepped on the spot many times and found a fire passage on the second floor of the ladder in the shopping mall. With his own decoration experience, he believes that the vent inside is the best way to sneak into the gold shop to steal.
In this way, in nearly a month’s time, he repeatedly entered the vent to “make holes”, and bit by bit touched the position above the ceiling of the monitoring room of the gold shop. Finally, no one carried out the theft in the middle of the night.
“On the day of the crime, I entered the mall ahead of time and wandered around until dark. As soon as the people were gone, I entered the monitoring room of the gold store through the vent along the hole I had already made.”
“I thought, as long as I pay the gambling debt, I’ll stop.” The suspect Li explained his criminal process, his voice was low, and his face was full of regret. I didn’t expect that gold would turn into cold handcuffs before it was warmed up.
At present, the suspect Lee has been detained for criminal detention, and the case is being further investigated.